‘Holy Night: Demon Hunters’ Completes Full Cast: Ma Dong Seok, Seohyun, Lee David, Kyung Soo Jin, and Jung Ji So

Holy Night Demon Hunters Ma Dong Seok Seohyun
Credit: Big Punch Entertainment, Namoo Actors

‘Holy Night: Demon Hunters’ finalized its full cast and started filming on June 28th.

Holy Night Demon Hunters
Credit: Big Punch Entertainment, Namoo Actors

Holy Night: Demon Hunters tells the story of a team of demon hunters called the “Holy Night” fighting against those who worship evil.

Ma Dong Seok‘s punch that had smacked zombies, serial killers, and frim reapers will now be thrown at demon worshipers. He will play Ba Woo, who hunts demons with his superpower and rock-like fists. Once again, the actor will prove that “Ma Dong Seok is the new genre” with exhilarating action.

Seohyun joins the production as Sharon, a member of “Holy Night,” who has the special ability to find demons. And she will show a whole new side by turning into a character who does not hesitate to perform exorcisms to summon the devil.

Holy Night Demon Hunters
Credit: DD Company, YG Entertainment, Bliss Entertainment

Moreover, Kim Goon, played by Lee David, is the life of the party of “Holy Night.” He has two jobs, helping Seohyun with her exorcisms and Ba Woo with his fights and recording their performance.

Kyung Soo Jin turns into neuropsychiatrist Jung Won, the client of “Holy Night.” She came to the team to save her little sister Eun Seo, who suffers from mysterious symptoms. Lastly, Eun Seo, a girl with a demon in her body, will come to life by Jung Ji So.

Ma Dong Seok’s Big Punch Pictures (previously known as Team Gorilla) and Nova Film will produce Holy Night: Demon Hunters. Rookie director Im Dae Hee helms the production as a director and a screenwriter, while Ma Dong Seok takes in charge of planning, drafting, and production.


Source: Lotte Entertainment

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