Is Jo Byung Gyu Making His Comeback with the New Webtoon-Adapted Series ‘History of Losers’?

Jo Byung Gyu
Jo Byung Gyu
Credit: HB Entertainment

According to Ilgan Sports, Jo Byung Gyu may play the lead role in the new series History of Losers (literal title).

History of Losers is based on the popular webtoon of the same name. The work, published from 2013 to 2017, was written by Kim Poong and drawn by Yoonsoo Shim.

It’s a story about love and relationship that could turn anyone into a loser. The overall story takes the format of rom-com, but it focuses on the frailty of humans. The hyperrealistic portrayals of losers will bring laughter and empathy beyond cringe. The film adaptation of the webtoon was under a discussion in 2015 but fell through. Then in 2017, it was made into a musical.

History of Losers webtoon
Credit: YLAB

Jo Byung Gyu will play Seo Min Ki, a Korean literature major freshman. He has a lot on his mind and is described as a timid person. But sometimes, he shows unexpected boldness. Being in his 20s, the results of his actions are always a series of clumsiness and mistakes. And because of his personality, those results are always followed by self-reflection. Seo Min Ki is simply an outsider whose only wish is to hang out with his friends with a drink in his hand.

Kim Poong will pen the script, while Confidential Assignment and Rampant director Kim Sung Hoon helms the production.


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