Jang Dong Yoon and Park Yoo Na Finished Filming Timur Bekmambetov’s New Romance Movie

Jang Dong Yoon and Park Yoo Na finished filming their new film ‘Long Distance’ (literal title).

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Credit: 12 Journey

Long Distance is a romance movie that begins when a man who just started working and an indie band singer start a long-distance relationship. The movie is produced in the form of Screenlife, in which everything that the viewer sees happens on the computer, tablet, or smartphone screen.

Jang Dong Yoon plays Do Ha, a man who just started his career. He used to be a fanboy of the indie band “Yeonsin Goopshin” and started dating Tae In, the band’s vocalist. But after he finds a new job, he is torn between his career and his long-distanced lover.

Park Yoo Na turned into Do Ha’s girlfriend, Tae In. She lived a passionate twenties as the leader and the vocalist of an indie band. But now that she is about to turn 30, she is at the crossroads of choosing between dream and reality.

One thing to note about Long Distance is that Timur Bekmambetov joined the production as a co-producer. Bekmambetov, the CEO and producer of Bazelevs, introduced Screenlife format to the world with his 2018 film Search. He also produced The Current War, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and directed Wanted, starring James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie.

Bekmambetov shared, “As can be seen from the box office success of Search in Korea, Korean audiences are the ones who can best accept and lead Screenlife format because of their high utilization of IT devices and new things.”

Jang Dong Yoon and Park Yoo Na, who wrapped up the filming on June 11th, also expressed their Joy. Jang said, “The time just flew by. I’m grateful that I got to make great memories and an awesome movie.” Park also showed affection for her work, saying, “I had so much fun. I will be showing great chemistry with Jang Dong Yoon, so please look forward to it.”


Source: 12 Journey

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