‘Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming’ Star Kim Hyun Soo Says She Wanted to Play a Troublemaker

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The Penthouse: War in Life star Kim Hyun Soo will greet the moviegoers for her new film Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming. On the 11th, she did an online video interview before the movie’s release. Kim Hyun Soo plays Ha Young, who’s branded a troublemaker after blowing the whistle on a school issue.

First of all, she shared her thoughts on joining the movie. “Since it’s a famous franchise film, I thought I shouldn’t damage the reputation of the film series. I felt excited than pressured. I was glad to join the project because I’ve heard of the last movie of the franchise, although I was too young to watch it,” she said.

About her decision to play Ha Young, she said, “I played a lot of characters with emotional pain, but none of them had a tough personality. However, in the early part of the film, Ha Young seems very tough. She seems like a naughty and mischievous student. Since she was different from the characters I played, I wanted to challenge myself and play her.”


Credit: kth, CJ CGV

She shared how she got along with her costars such as Kim Seo Hyung, Choi Ri, Seo Hye Won, and Bibi. She said, “I worked with Kim Seo Hyung the most. There were many scenes we fought each other. She’s got so much energy and charisma even when she was doing nothing. I felt like I got a lot of that energy. And on the other times when I was working with the actresses around my age, we’d joke a lot and had fun.

Kim Hyun Soo made her film debut with Silenced. And for the next ten years, she slowly gained popularity by playing the young versions of famous characters which big stars played in. “It’s been ten years but, I don’t think I am good enough. I still have a lot to learn. Looking back when I worked on Silenced, I didn’t know what acting was. I just had fun on the set. I liked acting. It was probably the first time that I thought to myself, ‘I should become an actress,'” she said.

She expressed her ambition as an actress. “I sometimes feel like it’s hard to be an actress. But since the series which I starred in garnered the highest viewership rating in its time slot, I’ve come to realize that I’ve found my true calling. Being an actress gives me confidence, and it keeps me going,” she said.

Lastly, Kim Hyun Soo said, “Whispering Corridors 6 shows both the past and present. The tragedies of the past are still happening in the present. I think this movie is different from other horror movies in the sense that it deals with pain. I hope this movie makes the audience think about those things and about the fact that I could play a fiery character.”

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