Hwang Jung Min’s New Thriller Movie ‘Hostage’ to be Released This Summer

Hwang Jung Min Hostage
Credit: NEW

Hostage is a “reality” action-thriller film about actor Hwang Jung Min, who has been kidnapped without witnesses or any trace on one fine morning.

In the film, a famous Korean actor Hwang Jung Min will become a hostage of a group of kidnappers. The movie will show tight tension and satisfying action sequences while he tries to escape the scene risking his life. 

With the movie Hostage, Hwang Jung Min will be reuniting with Film Rnkwhich produced Veteran (2014) and Exit(2019), after Unjust (2010), Veteran (2014). Viewers wonder how the teamwork between the professional film production and the passionate rookie director Pil Gam Sung turns out and how the movie will unravel the unprecedented story of actor Hwang Jung Min being kidnapped in the middle of Seoul. 


Source: NEW

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