‘Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)’ Series Recap Before Season 2

On June 12th, writer Phoebe (Im Sung Han) will be back with season 2 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce). This TV Chosun series revolves around three married couples, each in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, who are seemingly perfect. So before season 2 begins in earnest, we look back on the previous season, which ended with whirling tension everywhere.


Couple in Their 30s

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Pan Sa Hyeon (Sung Hoon) and Boo Hye Ryung (Lee Ga Ryeong) tied the knot three years ago after they promised the life of DINK (“double income, no kids”) at Boo’s request. However, Boo’s self-centered personality has gradually pulled the two apart. She even forced Pan to go on a diet and to start exercising. But what she didn’t expect was that Pan would meet Song Won (Lee Min Young) at the gym. There, he grows feelings for Song, who is considerate and warm, unlike his wife Boo, who always has strong opinions about everything. In the meantime, Song also falls hard for Pan as she counsels his marriage. The two grew fond of each other throughout season 1, and by the end, they spend a night together. Meanwhile, Song’s tearful prayer in the church at the beginning of the series turned out to be a sign of the crisis that’s about to visit the couple in their 30s. Naturally, attention focuses on what this desperate prayer means.


Couple in Their 40s

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Shin Yu Shin (Lee Tae Gon) is the “perfect husband” who acts like he doesn’t know the word “affair” in front of his wife Sa Pi Young (Park Joo Mi). But in the down-low, he has a mistress named A Mi (Song Ji In), whom he met on a plane. Shin, who saved A Mi as “Manager Kim” on his phone, started to spend more time with his stepmom Kim Dong Mi (Kim Bo Yeon) after his father’s death, irritating his wife. When Sa and Kim headed to a temple to mark the 49th day of his father’s death, Shin got on a plane to Jeju Island to meet his high school teacher, whose health worsened. And on that plane, he met A Mi with Song Won and Nam Ga Bin (Lim Hye Young). What’s the secret behind this meeting on a plane that seems like a coincidence? Will Shin and A Mi’s secret affair be revealed in season 2?


Couple in Their 50s

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Lee Si Eun (Jeon Soo Kyung) and Park Hae Ryun (Jeon No Min) were each other’s first love, got married, and stayed together for 30 years. Despite her wealthy father’s strong opposition, Lee spared no effort for her love and helped Park in any way she can. Park also flawlessly pulled off his role as the head of the family, thanking his wife for creating the person he has become. But all of a sudden, Park shared his wish to leave the family. Despite the shock, Lee met up with her kids separately and asked them to let their father go. The scene where Lee holds back her tears and smiles at her kids heralded not only the catastrophic ending of a couple in their 50s but also Lee’s new start despite her complicated emotions. What decision will Lee make?


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  • The first season was fantastic! Can’t wait to watch Season 2. Great relatable stories.

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