Kim Seo Hyung Says She Got Over Her ‘SKY Castle’ Trauma with ‘Whispering Corridors 6’

‘Whispering Corridors 6’ will be bringing a terrifying horror to a big screen this summer.

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In Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming (hereinafter referred to as Whispering Corridors 6), Eun Hee gets appointed as vice-principal of her alma mater without the memory of the past. Soon, she meets the school troublemaker, Ha Young. Together, they discover a restroom that has been hidden for a long time. And they confront the shocking truth of memory.

On June 9th, Whispering Corridors 6 held its press conference. Kim Seo Hyun, Kim Hyun Soo, BIBI, Choi Lee, and director Lee Mi Young attended the event.

“I chose this work after finishing SKY Castle, and personally, I had this strange trauma. So in a way, I chose this film because I hoped to pour out that trauma,” shared Kim Seo Hyung. “I had to protect the students while exploding my emotions. Then there were things that I needed to accomplish, which strangely resembled my previous work. It was tough, but ironically, it set me free.”

Kim Seo Hyun said, “I don’t like horror films. I was the one who screamed the most when the movie was screened.” But she then jokingly added, “I don’t think I’ll ever do another horror movie… But I do want to be a horror queen,” giving a big laugh.

Credit: CJ CGV

Kim Hyun Soo said, “Since Whispering Corridors franchise is so popular and has a long history, I thought I should do my best. It was a new challenge for me, so I really enjoyed filming it.”

The actress then mentioned her hit TV series The Penthouse 3 and added, “Ha Young is different from my role in The Penthouse. I don’t know how you will see her, but I wish you accept the new side of me.”

With Whispering Corridors 6, singer BIBI makes her official debut as an actress. “I was afraid at first, but I said I would do it in a heartbeat as soon as I was told the project was Whispering Corridors,” shared BIBI. “I’ve never acted before, so I was distraught. But it felt like a heaven-sent chance.”

Meanwhile, Whispering Corridors 6 will be released later this month.


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