Changmin, Stray Kids and iKON Share Their Thoughts On Ending ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’

Credit: Mnet

Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War (hereinafter referred to as Kingdom) has ended its 10-week journey. While a total of 1,303,798 votes were collected, and the final winner was Stary Kids. Six teams and Changmin shared their thoughts about wrapping up the intense journey.

Credit: Mnet

Changmin: “It was a series of wonderful stages. Seeing the six teams’ passion for the stage, I felt a strong longing and nostalgia for the stage, and I hope that the time I can be with my fans would come back asap. I’m sad that it’s over, but I’m excited and curious about the future of these six teams that grew up together.”

BTOB: “By doing performances that we’ve never done before, BTOB grew as an artist, and I’ve learned a lot from watching the juniors. I want to say I love you to all six teams.” (Seo Eun Kwang) “I learned how to be humble once again and I felt grateful and happy to be on stage.” (Lee Chang Sub) “It was nice to be able to show various performances for our fans.” (Peniel)

iKON: “It was a great time that allowed us to grow.” (Jung Chan Woo). “I think it was an opportunity to receive constant attention and love from a lot of people over a long time.” (BOBBY). “We were able to strengthen iKON’s identity and grow as an artist.” (Kim Jin Hwan)

SF9: “I learned a lot and gained a lot.” (Young Bin) “I am happy to have gained good colleagues and valuable experiences, and I’m thrilled that we’ve got to show who we are.” (Jae Yoon) “I think this means a new beginning, not the end.” (Da Won) “When I think about it, I get choked up. I respect all the cast members.” Zu Ho) “There are so many things that I know I will remember for a long time. What’s certain is that we grew every minute.” (Hwi Young)

THE BOYZ: “I’m glad that we left behind great performances and that we got on stages with great seniors.” (Sang Yeon & Jacob). “Thank you so much to our members, and all the teams did such a great job.” (Jae Hyun & Ju Yeon). “Kingdom is over, but this is just another beginning for THE BOYZ.” (Eric)

Stray Kids: “I’m sad, but I have no regrets because I made such fun and happy memories.” (Bang Chan). “It was a time for me to grow. Thank you to all the staff and our fans.” (Lee Know & Han). “Preparing the stages was tough, but we were able to create performances that we are all proud of.” (Changbin). “Through many good experiences, we grew, and our color has become clearer. I gained a lot of confidence. I will never be able to forget it..” (Felix & Seungmin & I.N.)

ATEEZ: “Kingdom is over, but ATEEZ’s activities will continue, so please look forward to it.” (Hong Joong). “We got to clearly show ATEEZ and our worldview.” (Yun Ho). “We’ll never be able to repeat some of these stages. So I was able to look back on myself and improve.” (Woo Young & Jong Ho)


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