Pyo Ye Jin Says ‘Taxi Driver’ Was Fun, New, and Exciting Series To Work On

Credit: Pan Stars Company

Pyo Ye Jin expressed her thoughts on ending the series, Taxi driver. She played Ahn Go Eun, the youngest member of the Rainbow Dark Heroes, who is a genius hacker.

Pyo Ye Jin shared, “she is a special character. I don’t think I have ever been so deeply immersed in a character. During the work, I have fully immersed myself in a character.” in a video that is released on the official post of her agency Fan Stars Company. “When I first received the script, I was glad that Go Eun was a cool and amazing character. However, I was also worried that if she could express the pain of losing her sister.” “The director helped me a lot, and I tried hard, thinking through the role, Go Eun.”

She received many favorable reviews from the series by showing her fresh charm. “I was proud and happy. The role was a completely different character from my previous work, so it was fun, new, and exciting. Furthermore, the character is very raw and frank. While filming the show, I changed my dream into becoming an action star. It was so cool to see Do Gi’s stunts. I was also drawn into Go Eun’s powerful side. So, if I have a chance, I would like to work out hard to do some action stunts in the future.”

Lastly, She shared her gratitude, saying “I was very happy to be loved as Go Eun, and I will meet you soon in a fresh and nice role. Stay healthy and be happy.”

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