Lee Hyun Woo Joins the Korean Remake of ‘La Casa de Papel’

Credit: Netflix

Lee Hyun Woo will join the Korean remake of La Casa de Papel �as the youngest member, Rio, of the band of robbers. Previously, Park Jeong Woo was in talks for the role, but Lee ended up starring in the series.

The actor showed a unique charm, playing different characters in movies like Northern Limit Line; The Con Artists; Secretly, Greatly, and shows such as The Liar and His Lover �and Moorim School: Saga of the Brave. Many people are wondering how he will portray Rio, in the Korean remake of La Casa de Papel. In the original series, Rio develops feelings for his fellow robber Tokyo and begins a secret relationship.

The showtakes place on the Korean Peninsula. And it’s a story about a genius strategist and characters with various personalities and skills, who attempt to commit the unprecedented kind of criminal confinement with unexpected variables.

The show will be directed by The Guest, Voice, Black director Kim Hong Sun and written by My Holo Love, Psychopath Diary �writer Ryu Yong Jae and his team.

The Korean remake of La Casa de Papel �will be only available on Netflix.


Source: Netflix

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