[Weekly Up & Down] ‘Miracle: Letters to the President’ Postponed Its Release & IU Apologized to Her Brother

Miracle: Letters to the President Postponed Its Release

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

The release of the movie Miracle: Letters to the President has been postponed. Lotte Entertainment hosted the press conference at the end of April and planned on releasing it in June. However, they have halted all promotions. Not long ago, Lotte Entertainment indefinitely postponed the release of Life is Beautiful, which was scheduled for December last year. And the same will happen to Miracle: Letters to the President. The reasons being worries about the COVID-19 situation, reduction in the number of screens, and unsure possibilities of supports for release.


IU Apologizes to Her Brother Who Got Enlisted

On May 16th, IU posted a video titled “Dad, I prepared this for you” on her youtube channel. To celebrate her birthday, having 6 million subscribers, and Family Month, she decided to present the cake she baked to her parents. IU, who was filming in the countryside, said, “We usually meet a lot in May. There’s my birthday, Parents’ Day, and my father’s birthday. I miss you so much, and thank you for giving birth to me.”

The singer then mentioned her brother. “Thanks to you all, my brother is doing well in the army. But he’s very mad at me. He’s replying to and receiving calls from my family, but he’s not replying to my letters and he doesn’t call me. I heard he’s really mad at me,” she added. Earlier, IU appeared on tvN’s Yoo Quiz on the Block and mentioned his brother serving in the army. She then apologized for making people recognize him by talking about him on the show.


GFRIEND’s official disbandment

Credit: iMBC

GFRIEND officially disbanded on the 22nd. Source Music announced the group’s disbandment on the 18th and wrote, “Our contract with GFRIEND will come to an end on May 22nd. After careful consideration and serious discussions, we decided to go our separate ways.” The day after the announcement, Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji hurriedly wrote letters to their fans. Umji wrote, “I really want to give a big hug to our Buddy (fan club) who may have a hard time with the unexpected farewell.” Eunha also consoled her fans, saying, “It really hurts to think that we upset our fans who have been looking forward to meeting with us more than ever.”


Former After School Member Lizzy Booked for DUI Charge

Credit: Celltrion Entertainment

On the 19th, Lizzy was booked without physical detention on charges of driving under the influence. She is reported to have crashed into a taxi in front of her on the night of the 18th. The officers deemed that her blood alcohol level was enough to warrant a cancellation of her license. Celltrion Entertainment shared, “We deeply apologize for causing you concern about what shouldn’t have happened regarding Lizzy. This is inexcusable behavior, and we feel deeply responsible for causing a stir. The actress herself is truly repenting and reflecting on herself.”


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