A Character Guide to Fantasy Romance Series ‘My Roommate Is a Gumiho’

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On May 26th, tvN’s new project My Roommate Is a Gumiho will premiere.

My Roommate Is a Gumiho is a new rom-com series that revolves around the unexpected cohabitation of college student Lee Dam and a mysterious gumiho Shin Woo Yeo. Kkondae Intern director Nam Sung Wo, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim writers Baek Sun Woo, and Choi Bo Rim helm the production. The cast lineup includes Jang Ki Yong, Hyeri, Kang Hanna, Kim Do Wan, and Bae In Hyuk.


Jang Ki Yong – Shin Woo Yeo (999 years old, gumiho)

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He is a tragic character who became a male gumiho because he was born in a year of bad luck. He is handsome enough to be a protagonist of the “gumiho legend” and has extraordinary abilities such as changing his appearance, contracting space, and psychokinesis. Living a long life, he has worked various jobs. Now, he is writing a history book as the “living witness” of history. He can become a human once his bead turns blue with humans’ energy before he turns 1000. But his grand wish still hasn’t come true. Now, he doesn’t know why he has to be a human, and everything is meaningless to him. And one day, college student Lee Dam swallows his fox bead by accident.


Hyeri – Lee Dam (22 years old, college student)

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She has to say what’s on her mind, is determined, doesn’t care what others think, and can’t sit idly by when she’s mistreated or is insulted. Dam’s mother, a fashion editor, only provides a minimum living cost to raise her daughter as an independent person. So when her friends are dating, she drinks alone in her home and binge-watch historical dramas. For the first time in life, she fell in love, and her crush isn’t even a human. One day, she swallows the fox bead by mistake, and from that moment, her cohabitation with the gumiho begins.

Credit: tvN

Kang Hanna – Yang Hye Sun (22 years old on her ID, but is actually 747 years old former gumiho)

She’s Shin Woo Yeo’s close friend. Their friendship continued for more than 700 years. She feels lonely often, is simple, and loves spending time with humans. After she became a human, she boasts the fact to Shin Woo Yeo. But to be honest, she isn’t that bright. It took 20 years for her to learn the Korean language. Even now, she misunderstands from time to time and says bizarre things. She has been in love multiple times in her long life, but all of them ended in vain. And now, she continues to get involved with Dam’s friend Jae Jin.


Kim Do Wan – Do Jae Jin (22 years old, Lee Dam’s best friend)

He has it all – solid figure, handsome looks, and sweet and loyal personality. But he’s too soft-hearted. When he falls in love, he turns into a fool who gives everything. And that’s why he was bumped many times. Up until now, he cried a ton over foxy girls. But now, he continues to get involved with Hye Sun, who used to be a real fox once.


He’s the most popular guy at the Seogwa University. Thanks to his good looks and wealth, girls are lining up to be his girlfriend. But unlike other girls, Lee Dam avoids him. Lee Dam acts all defensive and shuns all his advances, but what started as a curiosity turned into a real crush.


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