3 Moments of ‘Law School’ that Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

JTBC’s Law School is unveiling the narratives of each student on every new episode, making the show more intense than ever. With the plot that’s reaching its climax, let’s discuss the stories behind the students that we should keep an eye on.

Han Joon Hwi (Kim Bum) & Kang Sol A (Ryu Hye Young) try to find the truth behind the mystery

Credit: JTBC

Han Joon Hwi, who has the highest grade of all freshmen, helps solve cases involving his peers. He also keeps an eye out for the murder case of Seo Byeong Joo(Ahn Nae Sang), who was both his uncle and a lawyer he admired. He never let go of the suspicion against Lee Man Ho (Jo Jae Ryong), who Yang Jong Hoon (Kim Myung Min) had identified as a prime suspect. In fact, he is in the progress of finding the clues, following the students who left their traces at the crime scene.

Through Yang Jong Hoon’s trial, Kang Sol A learned the history between her twin sister Kang Dan, who had disappeared, and Ko Hyeong Su(Jung Won Joong). After that, She began investigating Ko Hyeong Su’s past and started to provoke him. The two are chasing what’s behind the murder case to unveil the mysteries surrounding their families. What truth will they face?


Kang Sol B (Lee Soo Kyung)&Yoo Seung Jae (Hyun Woo)’s last chance to repent

Credit: JTBC

Kang Sol B offered Yang Jong Hoon to testify that she saw the sugar packet, which was the conclusive proof for his claim, on the condition that he stops suspecting her of plagiarizing a thesis. But he refused the offer, saying, “When you’re ready to reveal the truth, come find to me,” waiting for her to make the right choice.

Civil law professor Kim Eun Sook (Lee Jung Eun) told Yoo Seung Jae, who’s remained at the top of his class by hacking the test papers, to reveal his wrongdoings and prove Yang Jong Hoon’s alibi. Will the two students take the opportunities to admit their wrongdoings?


Seo Ji Ho(Lee David)&Jeon Ye Seul(Go Yoon Jung), ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’.

Credit: JTBC

Seo Ji Ho learned that it was prosecutor Jin Hyeong Woo (Park Hyuk Kwon) who leaked to the press that his father was a suspect; to put the blame on his family. Although a person ended up committing suicide for something that he was not accountable for, he didn’t bother to talk to the press about the investigation on Yang Jong Hoon. Soon, he even ends up getting sued.

Jeon Ye Seul also got a lawsuit by Go Hyeong Soo and his son Go Young Chang(Lee Hwi Jong) before getting an apology for the dating violence she experienced. She broke down due to her guilt for endangering a person’s life. But her peers found the grounds for self-defense, and Yang Jong Hoon joined the force by taking her case. Many people wonder if Seo Ji Ho and Jeon Ye Seul will be able to punish the ones who use the law unjustly.


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