‘Taxi Driver’ 3 Unique Charms of Dark Hero Lee Je Hoon

Kim Do Gi’s revenge that shows no mercy on villains in SBS’s Taxi Driver is gaining enthusiastic support from the viewers. And at the center of that, there is Lee Je Hoon. With his deft performance, he stands by the weak and empathizes with their pain. At the same time, he provides us thrilling vicarious satisfaction as he tears apart his enemies. Now, we will look into three stages of Kim Do Gi’s charms that came to life with Lee Je Hoon’s passionate performance.


Daily Mode – “Warm Guy” Kim Do Gi �

One of the biggest reasons we cheer on Kim Do Gi is his humane side. He shows no mercy to villains, but he is the man who can deeply connect with the pains that the weak are enduring. Usually, he is just another normal neighbor. He turns off the meter for exhausted passengers and carefully listens to the victims’ stories as they request revenge on the brink of death. In addition, Kim’s dramatic life, which practically driven him to become a dark hero, adds persuasions to his character. From his anger about the serial killer that murdered his mother and the despair he feels about being incompetent to his pledge to take on the revenge on behalf of victims like him, Lee Je Hoon delivers the character’s emotions with his detailed acting.


Undercover Mode – Master of disguise who perturbs the villains

Kim Do Gi’s disguise to perturb his enemies shines brighter with Lee He Hoon’s ever-changing performance. He brought the same terror to those who exploited and brutally assaulted the disabled. He then disguised as a naive part-time teacher to take a parting shot at school violence perpetrators. In another case, he destroyed the entire data after he got hired at a company that manufactures and distributes illegally filmed videos as a crazy IT expert. In the latest episode, he carried out an “homme fatale” operation to take out the voice phishing crime organization, allowing a thrilling catharsis for us. Kim Do Gi skillfully changes his tone, expressions and walks according to the situation. And that is one of the most exciting things to watch in Taxi Driver.


Hunter Mode – Dark hero who has awakened his beast-like instinct

The moment he goes into his hunter mode, Lee Je Hoon proves his real worth. His “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” revenge method is meticulous and thrilling. Kim Do Gi, who puts on different masks depending on the villains he’s dealing with, woke up the vicious beast-like instinct as he went up against Park Yang Jin, the CEO of U data. Park started to doubt Kim and lured him into a trap, but Kim’s rage was inexorable. He brutally punished Park, who was begging for his life, drawing out cheers from the viewers. Especially, Lee Je Hoon’s presence that overwhelms villains only with his eyes doubles the pleasure.


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