Who Will Win the Best New Actor Award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards?

The battle over the Best New Actor Award for the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards will be more competitive than ever. Na In Woo, Song Kang, Lee Do Hyun, Nam Yoon Soo, and Kim Young Dae, who showed solid performances in the hit series, were nominated. Naturally, attention focuses on who will be picking up the trophy in the end. We’ll look into what these rookie actors, who have both acting skills and star quality, have accomplished this past year.


Sweet Home – Song Kang

Credit: Netflix

Song Kang catches your eyes with his handsome looks and impressive figure. Through Love Alarm and Sweet Home, the actor was dubbed the “Netflix’s son.” From high school boy and half-person-half-monster to, most recently, a ballerino, he has proved his infinite potential as an actor. This year alone, he greeted viewers with two projects, Love Alarm 2 and Navillera. In the second half of this year, he will release two more works – the new webtoon-adapted series Nevertheless with Han So Hee in June and Cruel Story of Office Romance with Park Min Young after that.


18 Again – Lee Do Hyun

Credit: JTBC

He is on the rise. After he caught the public’s eyes as IU’s man in Hotel Del Luna in 2019, he took the lead role in 18 Again last year. By playing Yoon Sang Hyun’s 18-year-old days, he flawlessly performed a role that has a high schoolboy appearance with a middle-aged man’s emotions. He even pulled off a romance with Kim Ha Neul, providing heart-fluttering moments for the ladies. Since then. He starred in Netflix’s Sweet Home as Lee Eun Hyuk, who leads the rest of the residents. With the project, he has solidified his presence as an actor. Soon, he will return to the small screen with KBS’s Youth of May, set to premiere on May 3rd.


River Where the Moon Rises – Na In Woo

Credit: KBS

He has gone from a “replacement” to an “irreplaceable” actor. Na In Woo hopped on the production two days after Ji Soo exited the series due to his school violence controversy. But from the moment he first appeared, he melted into the show without a hitch. Alongside the tone for the historical genre he picked up during his previous series �Mr. Queen, he perfected On Dal with his manly figure and detailed emotional performance. His chemistry with Kim So Hyun was also impressive. River Where the Moon Rises director Yoon Sang Ho shared, “He is the first actor to finish 20-part historical series in just a month. There were so many days when he had to come back to the set only after an hour-long sleep.” He also praised Na In Woo as “the real gem.”


Extracurricular – Nam Yoon Soo

Credit: Netflix

Where in the world did they find this delinquent? Anyone who saw Nam Yoon Soo in Netflix’s Extracurricular will have no choice but to agree to this reaction. Nam Yoon Soo vividly took on the role of Ki Tae, a delinquent that we must have encountered at some point in our lives. With Extracurricular, he clearly imprinted his presence on the public. Using this work as a toe in the door, he starred in JTBC’s Beyond Evil and tvN’s Birthcare Center. He was also cast in KBS’s new romance historical series Affection, set to premiere in the latter half of this year. In this project, he will play Lee Hyun, the gentle kindred of the king who is both an excellent scholar and swordsman.


The Penthouse: War in Life – Kim Young Dae

Credit: SBS

He first left a strong impression as Oh Nam Joo from the 2019 MBC series Extraordinary You. He then rose to stardom through SBS’s The Penthouse: War in Life. Sometimes, he is a villain who toys all the other students from ChungA High School, But sometimes, he turns into a sweet man in front of Kim Hyun Soo (Bae Rona). The predominant review is that he reliably portrayed an elite student who enjoys deviation due to his family issues. In the beginning, some pointed out the lack of his acting skills, but he slowly showed improvements.


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  • Na In Woo came in as a replacement but ended up carrying the show. When Ji Soo was On Dal, Kim So Hyun was the center of the drama. Once Na In Woo started “acting” (I don’t call it acting, I call it doing. Sanford Meisner has a saying, “The Foundation of Acting is the Reality of Doing.” That is exactly what Na In Woo did ), he was bringing out very natural reactions in his co-stars. His emotions were so real, that it didn’t even look like acting. He made the situations real. His “honeymoon night” kiss with Kim So Hyun was similar to a Meisner repetition exercise, so I was really amused by it. The exchange was so natural, just as in the repetition exercise (that is, if you have ever done it). He truly was the gem of the drama and he deserves the award.

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