‘Waiting For Rain’ Kang Ha Neul Wrote the Letters in the Movie Himself

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Kang Ha Neul will be making his return to the big screen after three years. His new film Waiting For Rain �will be released on April 28th. And for this project, Kang Ha Neul turns into a man who lost all hopes as he continues meaningless tries to get into college. He illustrates the youth who changes and grows after exchanging letters with his old friend.

During the video interview held on 22nd, the actor pleasantly opened up, saying, “It’s heartbreaking that I can’t see you in person, but this is also kind of fun. Please click subscribe and like.”


Kang Ha Neul said that he remembered the past he had forgotten and got a little choked up after reading the screenplay.

“Within the movie, I saw a character more similar to Kang Ha Neul than Young Ho in the screenplay. A lot of memories of the time that the movie is set in came to me. I remember when I was 20 years old, I always cherished the changes for the bus fare. I built up the character out of those memories.”

He wrote all the letters that are used in the movie.

“The director gave me guidelines, and I thought of myself as Young Ho and wrote them comfortably. I crumpled some of the letters a few times because they didn’t look right. But handwriting these letters got me to realize that he is the kind of person who could write something like that. So that helped me to set the tone of my acting.”

Young Ho and Kang Ha Neul have lots of similarities. Usually, he puts effort into breathing life into the character. But this time, it was different.

“I usually act with a desire to show the character more than Kang Ha Neul. However, for this film, I thought a lot about making Young Ho look more like Kang Ha Neul. The director also told me that it would be nice if Young Ho and So Hee be comfortable characters that capture the essence of the actors. So I think Young Ho’s actions and expressions look like me.”


The actor showed trust in his co-star Chun Woo Hee.

“I saw her works like Han Gong-ju and Sunny. And whenever she appears on the screen, she has this heavy presence, and her power gets stronger. So I knew that I’m the one who needs to get the job done. But in real life, she’s such a bright and lovely person.”

He reunited with Kang So Ra, who makes a special appearance in the film, seven years after Misaeng.

“I felt that I had a lot to learn from how she treats people and her responsibility and talents. As she grew older, I felt that she became more relaxed in the filming sets. When we worked on Misaeng, we couldn’t fully enjoy the set because we were fixated on doing a great job. But this time, we filmed more comfortably.”

The keyword of Waiting For Rain �is “waiting.” The story is calm, and it unfolds quite slowly. But Kang Ha Neul is confident that it’s an emotional movie that provides rest and space for the audience.

“A lot of movies seem to show a clear narrative arc to capture everything in one go. But we wished that our movie will be more like The Connect and Christmas in August. You will like it the first time you watch it, but it will give you different emotions when you see it the second time. Personally, I like emotional movies. But our movie is a work that has clear beauty of space.”


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