‘A Year-End Medley’ Completes Fancy Cast Lineup: Han Ji Min, Lee Dong Wook, Kang Ha Neul, YoonA, Lee Kwang Soo & More

CJ ENM and TVING will join hands to produce TVING original film A Year-End Medley. And today, it announced its fancy cast lineup: Han Ji Min, Lee Dong Wook, Kang Ha Neul, YoonA, Won Jin Ah, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Young Kwang, Ko Sung Hee, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Kyu Hyung, Cho Jun Young, Won Ji Ahn, Lee Hye Young, and Jung Jin Young.

Credit: BH Entertainment, King Kong by Starship

A Year-End Medley centers around the people who visit the hotel “Emross” with their own stories. And in the hotel, various people start new relationships in their own way.

For instance, Han Ji Min turns into a hotel manager. She has been hesitating to confess her feelings to her friend, who she had a crush on for 15 years. Lee Dong Wook plays young and capable CEO of hotel Emross. He has an obsession with even numbers.

Credit: th Company, SM Entertainment, Yooborn Company

Kang Ha Neul visits hotel Emross after getting dumped by his girlfriend for failing the civil service exam for the 5th year. Thirdly, YoonA becomes a hotelier who opens the hotel Emross every morning with pride. Moreover, Won Jin Ah plays hotel Emross’s rookie room maid after giving up on her dream to be a musical actor.

Credit: Man Of Creation, King Kong by Starship

Seo Kang Joon plays singer-songwriter and radio DJ who has finally made it after years of struggling. Alongside him, Lee Kwang Soo joins as a manager who has helped his artist with his rapid climb to stardom. But now, he has to watch his star try to leave the nest he has built.

Credit: Wide-S Company, MSTeam Entertainment, BH Entertainment

In the meantime, Kim Young Kwang and Go Sung Hee will meet as a radio producer and a jazz pianist. The two got hitched in the shortest time, but they face an unexpected turn of events since arriving at the hotel. On every Saturday afternoon, a plastic surgeon visits hotel Emross lounge to wait and find the love of his life. And for that role, actor Lee Jin Wook was cast.

Credit: National Theater Company of Korea, FNC Entertainment, ACE Factory

Meanwhile, Lee Hye Young and Jung Jin Young will play hotel Emross’s doorman and a Korean-American businessman who returned to Korea for his daughter’s wedding. The two, who used to be each other’s first love, reunite after 40 years and dream of a midlife romance. Lee Kyu Hyung will play a fortune-teller who frequents hotel Emross to read his clients’ future. Moreover, rookie actors Cho Jun Young and Won Ji Ahn will bring fresh romance to the screen as high school swimmer and figure skater.

A Year-End Medley is helmed by My Sassy Girl director Kwang Jae Young, dubbed the “romance legend.” Hive Media Corp that produced Deliver Us From Evil and The Man Standing Next will produce the film. In addition, the first filming took place on Monday, April 19th.

Next month, A Year-End Medley will be released in theater and on TVING.



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  • I’m going to wait of it’s showing, I really really love the line up of actors and actresses, it will be a great show not just because of the cast but also of the flow of the story

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