Kim Tae Ri & Kim Woo Bin’s New Movie Has Finished Filming Both Part 1 & 2

Credit: CJ ENM

Choi Dong Hoon has allowed the Korean cinema to take a great leap forward with his unique storytelling and unconventional directing. And on April 19th, his new film Alien safely completed a 13-month journey covering both part 1 and part 2.

Alien begins when the time gate appears and connects two timelines. It shows the story of 2021, where the earth is infested with aliens, and the late Goryeo Dynasty with the ancient Taoist wizards searching for the legendary sword.

The film made headlines as Choi Dong Hoon’s comeback project and its fancy cast lineup from the pre-production stage. Primarily, the film seeks a new method of dividing one highly organized story into parts 1 and 2.

“We finished filming in 387 days. This movie was the toughest and most eventful project of all my career. But now that everything has ended, this movie gave me the biggest happiness,” Choi shared. “I’m so grateful to the actors who have stayed with me along the way. It’s already been three and a half years since I first came up with the idea of this movie. I can’t wait to show the interesting work to the audience.”

Actors have also expressed their excitement.

Ryu Jun Yeol said, “I worked nonstop for the past year without burning out. I had so much fun filming, and I’m sure the audience will also feel the joy we felt when watching the movie.” Then Kim Woo Bin shared, “I’ve never filmed for such a long time before, so I grew very fond of the staff. I’m sorry that we now have to bid farewell. But I feel thrilled that I can finally show my work to the audience again.”

“There were so many happy moments at the filming site of Alien. Even when I got tired of my daily life, I gained energy when I came onto the set,” shared Kim Tae Ri. Lastly, So Ji Sub added. “All the actors and staff worked hard. I’m just glad that we ended our journey safely.”


Source: CJ ENM

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