Kim Young Kwang Considers His Time in ‘Hello, Me!’ Priceless as an Actor

Through his agency, Kim Young Kwang has talked about how it feels like Hello, Me! to end.

Though the viewers’ ratings for KBS2’s Hello, Me! was quite disappointing, it dropped its curtains on the 8th after being praised as a ‘healing series.’ Kim Young Kwang played Han Yoo Hyun, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He received love for his lively character, who gradually got more mature after meeting Ban Ha Ni.

Credit: KBS

Q1. How does it feel to have the series end?

It’s quite bittersweet. I wanted my character, Yoo Hyun, to pull the viewer’s heartstrings even harder. I’m curious how they’ve received him. I also sincerely thank those who watched the show until the end. I hope everyone had the chance to have a restorative time through the series, like how it’s called a ‘healing series.’

Q2. Han Yoo Hyun is a character that could’ve seen as despicable.

I didn’t think that I would make him seem ‘despicable’ when I read the script. From the beginning, I thought of him as a person without distorted personalities. I tried hard not to add anything to his relationship with his father or Ha Ni. I wanted to express Yoo Hyun as someone who accepts how people are when he meets them. I also tried to make him like a warm-hearted person�”someone who is comfortable to hang around and easy to talk to.

Q3. Any parts that you’ve particularly paid attention to?

I can’t make a charming face during the crying scenes. So I told the director to take care of that, and he did an excellent job. I would like to thank the editor because they’ve also done a great job keeping the balance.

Q4. How was the atmosphere on set?

For Kang Hee, I’m a little sorry for her. I should have approached her first and bond with her, but I couldn’t because she was also very shy. And I’m grateful for Moon Suk. He would always be the bright person in script-reading sessions. He would have meetings and analyze the script with me. I always thanked other fellow actors and staff members for making the set feel pleasant till the end.

Q5. Your chemistry with Choi Tae Hwan who played Cha Seung Seok, the secretary, and watchdog of Yoo Hyun, was hilarious.

We did not plan on it at all. He and I are so close that we would say, “Hey, I’ll do it like this, so you do it like that,” and share our improv ideas on set. It’s pretty regretful that there were only a few scenes of us because Tae Hwan and I could’ve shown something even more hilarious.

Credit: KBS, Merry Christmas

Q6. You’ve made meaningful achievements both with your drama and movie first half of the year.

The airing of Hello, Me!‘s first episode and the premiere for Mission Possible happened on the same day. I was somewhat worried, but I was able to go into the shoot for Hello, Me! with a relieved heart because they all received positive responses. I’m very grateful that many people acknowledge this kind of genre.

I’ve gained confidence and feel like I can do even better in works like these. Now I wonder about what the viewers and fans would like to see from me. Until I greet everyone again with my next work, I will do my best.


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