Gong Yoo Lavishes Praises on IU for Her Performance in ‘My Mister’

Yes, fans can’t wait to see IU and Gong Yoo together in the same project.

Credit: IU’s YouTube Channel

Gong Yoo praised IU’s performance and shared that he would like to work with her one day.

Gong Yoo appeared in the “IU’s Palette,” a content on IU’s official YouTube channel on the 14th.

IU and Gong Yoo met for the first time through a radio show in 2009. The singer expressed her gratitude to Gong Yoo. She recalled his quote from when she was only a 17-year-old singer. Gong Yoo previously had said, “10 years later, she would be one hell of a singer-songwriter.”

She then brought up the musical film that he talked about in the past. Recalling the time Gong Yoo told her, “You should join a movie like Once. But remember, Gong Yoo should be the director and sponsor,” IU asked the actor, “I’ve been waiting for the script since 2009. Why haven’t you sent it?”

IU then candidly expressed her thoughts, saying, “I haven’t done a music-related movie yet. I’ll have to spend my time in an acting career as a singer. So I have to be careful about it.” She also added, “I wish I could do a musical movie where I can show my best singing performance.” Gong Yoo soon replied, “then if you choose to appear in a good music film, recommend me as your opposite role.”

The actor mentioned IU’s acting, adding, “10 years ago, I had no idea that you will become an actress. But I think that the way you make songs and perform music and the way you act is similar.” He then lavished praise on her. “In My Mister, it was quite shocking. You were so good.”

He continued, “I think when you were Ji An in My Mister, you shone brightly like a star. But on the other hand, in Hotel Del Luna, Jang Mal Wol was cute and cheerful. Relatively, she wasn’t as serious, but it was a bit funny. So in some songs, I can feel your funny times, but in other serious songs, you can hear the sadness that’s mature for your age.”

“So even if it isn’t a music-related movie, I hope that we get to work together in a nice movie or TV series,” Gong Yoo said, raising expectations.


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  • Gong Yoo is so on point to acknowledge IU’s superb acting in My Mister. I was mesmerized with her character!💙💜 In addition, besides Gong Yoo being one of my favorite actors💜, Coffee Prince co-star Lee Sun-Kyun💙 also fabulous acting in My Mister. The entire ensemble of cast were great and a beautiful story. I will look forward to seeing IU and Gong Yoo working together.

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