Kang Daniel Opens Up About the Story Behind His New Album ‘YELLOW’

Credit: Konnect Entertainment
Credit: Konnect Entertainment

On the afternoon of the 13th, Kang Daniel had a press conference for his new album YELLOW in Seoul. In this event, the singer told various stories regarding the album and its music.

YELLOW is the third and last ‘COLOR’ series, which started in March. It is also an extension of the previous single album, “PARANOIA.” Coming back only two months after the piece, the singer said that “PARANOIA” is a preview for his next album. “That was when I finished YELLOW.” He then explained, “Because the message of the album is strong, I wanted to give everyone a sample. So I came up with “PARANOIA,” the easiest to listen to of them all. I wasn’t trying to come back earlier than I planned. However, I did want to greet fans as soon as possible.”

Keywords for the new album include ambiguity, paradox, discrepancy, and twists. While the color yellow has a universal image of brightness and positiveness, Kang Daniel wanted to emphasize the other side within the color. He interpreted ‘yellow’ as a warning or symbol of danger. It is an incomplete color that lingers between the green and red lights. He created the album with a message that ‘there’s more to this than meets the eye.’ I tried to embody what I wanted to say in the song,” he described, “the album is like diary entries written at dawn.” He added, “Yellow is not a bright color for me. The spotlights and the street lights you see at dawn are also yellow. So it’s a cold color that makes me spend time by myself.”

Each track in the album is symbolic, as the singer tells a story under the theme of ‘there’s more to it than meets the eye.’ The title track “Antidote” also carries such sentiments. YELLOW is more memorable as Kang Daniel participated in writing for all its songs. “I thought to myself that I need to improve musically, after MAGENTA. With feedback from my acquaintances and fans, I wanted to show an advanced version of myself instead of a growing version. The producers helped me out a lot, and I wanted to write the song with my story. I thought it was the right time and age for me to write the song,” he said.

On this day, the artist also commented on WANNA ONE. When asked about the possibility of the band’s reunion, he said, “WANNA ONE is also a precious memory of mine. There were shameful moments in regards to my skills looking back, but I’m up for it if there’s a chance.” He also said words of encouragement to Kim Jae Hwan, Yoon Ji Sung, AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin, and NU’EST’s Hwang Min Hyun in their comebacks.

Kang Daniel announced that he had recovered his health and thanked those around him while suffering from panic disorder. He said, “I took some time off reflecting on myself while I had the disorder. And my antidote at the time was the people around me. I felt secure as people at work, fellow dancers, and friends cheered on for me.”

The new album YELLOW will be out at 6 PM KST on the 13th, as Kang Daniel will continue his activities with “Antidote.”


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