The Twists and Turns of ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ Continue as Stray Kids Land on First Place

Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War revealed the first round of performance with THE BOYZ, iKON, and BOTB.

On the 8th, the episode revealed the previous global ranking. In first place was Stray Kids with 690,971 points, and THE BOYZ was in second with 573,026 points. Stray Kids won an additional 1,000 points as a benefit and the power to decide the stage order. After landing in sixth place, iKON expressed their determination to “work our hardest to prepare (for their stages).”

The atmosphere was intense as Stray Kids chose the first runner-up to perform as THE BOYZ. The group decided to perform “No Air” to show off the ability to express their emotions with dynamic dance moves. They captivated viewers by shooting underwater, embodying what the song’s lyrics are illustrating.

Up second on the stage was iKON. The team chose to perform “LOVE SCENARIO,” their hit song that received over 400 million views on YouTube. Next, a mash-up of “KILLING ME,” a song that expresses the heartache after a breakup, dominated the stage. The first song started as a musical show, and later it became a fierce dance performance�”the choreography of throwing themself off the stairs and into the flames with a tossed lighter wowed many.

BTOB was the next in line of iKON, with “Missing You,” a song that received huge love from the public as it won seven awards from music programs. The group proved their undying vocal skills. On top of that, they wore Hanbok and added arrangements with traditional Korean instruments. Lee Min Hyuk’s solo dance break especially caught the eyes and ears as he showcased a traditional sword dance.

They also impressed the other groups in the green room with the first three performances. The viewer’s expectations are rising for the following stages of SF9, ATEEZ, and Stray Kids. SKids’Kids’ performance is on its way, as they chose themselves to be fourth in line on the list.


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