Upcoming K-Drama: A Character Guide to the Korean Dark Hero Series ‘Taxi Driver’

Credit: SBS

SBS’s new Friday-Saturday series Taxi Driver will kick off on the 9th. Based on a webtoon of the same name, the show puts forward a Korean version of the dark hero. The story is completed by the Rainbow Taxi Company and the taxi driver Kim Do Gi as they take revenge for victims who were treated unfairly. They plan to satisfy viewers by punishing violators all around the country, with a call from the victim. Here are the main characters who will serve justice for us.


Lee Je Hoon as Kim Do Gi

Credit: SBS

Kim Do Gi is a former special force who now works for Rainbow Taxi Company as a driver.

Kim Do Gi is gifted with intuition and objective decision-making skills. Determined and brave, he also has physical skills that allow him to fight against multiple opponents. On top of this, he has a sense of resilience. He doesn’t panic during his crisis and rather makes a joke out of it.

The taxi company members act on Kim Do Gi’s plans, and he also transforms himself to perfectly suited to the projects. On the other hand, he becomes an entirely different person when he’s not on a mission. He doesn’t know what taking a break means, so he puts his efforts into household chores. Unlike the vengeful and reckless side of him that shines through when he takes care of the wrongdoers, he has been wounded to the heart with incurable pains.


Esom as Kang Ha Na

Credit: SBS

Kang Ha Na is a prosecutor from the Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office. She is always proud, decisive, and driven. She has no interest in climbing up the social ladder or winning the power games. The character works and gets persistent only for what her definition of justice is.

After learning Rainbow Taxis’s secret, which acts outside public authorities’ boundaries, she tracks them down endlessly. However, after witnessing them taking care of things the law, prosecutors, or polices cannot take care of, she finds herself in a dilemma between governmental authorities and private acts of revenge.


Kim Eui Sung as Jang Sung Chul

Credit: SBS

Jang Sung Chul is the CEO of Rainbow Taxi Company and Bluebird Foundation, an institute supporting crime victims. He distrusts the law after the tragedy of his parents being murdered by a serial killer. Afterward, he runs his father’s taxi company while also helping those who have similar pains as him through the Bluebird Foundation. From there, he witnesses the sorrows of the mistreated victims. Thus, he leads the Rainbow Taxi Company to convict those who got away after committing illegal acts.

Pyo Ye Jin as Ahn Go Eun

Credit: SBS

Ahn Go Eun is an accountant of the Rainbow Taxi Company, also known as a hacker. Since her sister committed suicide, she has locked herself in her room and taught herself how to hack. Despite being misunderstood due to her icy attitude and tone, she has no mal intentions. She lives in a villa provided by CEO Jang and bickers with her upstairs neighbor, Do Gi, over the noises he makes. However, Do Gi is also the only one whom Go Eun shows a smile over her coldness.


Cha Ji Yeon as Baek Sung Mi

Credit: SBS

Baek Sung Mi is the president of Paradise Credit Information Company. She is a notorious “Godmother” of the underground banking community. Her mysterious eyes make it indistinguishable whether she’s an ally or an enemy. She never places her trust in people. The only thing she has faith in is money. She makes sure the money she borrowed is returned under any circumstances.

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