Kim Soo Hyun Makes $443,000 Per Episode in His New Sereies + People Disapprove the Overpayment

Credit: Gold Medalist

Yesterday, media outlets reported that Kim Soo Hyun became the most-paid actor in Korea. However, the people are expressing their displeasure.

On the 26th, OSEN reported that Kim Soo Hyun will be paid about $443,000 per episode in his new series, That Night (literal title). The actor’s agency Gold Medalist soon responded that they can not make any statements about the actor’s appearance fees.

Kim Soo Hyun was already the highest-paid actor in his latest series, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. With the project, he made as much as $177,155 per episode. That was, by far, the industry’s biggest paycheck. But this time, Kim bagged a rather handsome pay rise: an extra $265,845 per episode.

Credit: tvN

When the news hit the wire, more criticisms circulated online rather than supportive comments, most of these criticisms are about how the majority of production cost that’s supposed to better the production environment and quality are going into actors’ pockets.

Recently, excessive product placements (especially Chinese products) in shows became an issue. Hence, the absurdly high appearance fees that require production teams to rake in more advertisements are causing concerns among the people.

Here are some of the comments: “Even Emma Stone got $350,000 per episode for Maniac.” “Kim So Hyun is a good actor. But $443,000? Really?” “This is why actors are eating Chinese bibimbap in Korean dramas.” “Just look for rookie actors with great acting skills. That would be better.” “Since he upped his fees in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, more actors are demanding a raise in their fees too. This is a bad influence.”


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  • Who are the people to agree or not agree? Are they paying him? Is the money coming out of their pockets? Will they complain when he makes a large charitable donation as most actors do at one point or another? He has earned it. Working small roles, large roles, being a great actor and singer, appearing on entertainment shows, pulling viewers in and earning millions for the networks. Why find fault and not celebrate him? Next thing you know some netizen will crawl out of the woodwork to falsely accuse him of something just to tarnish his name out of bitter jealousy- or because they were paid to do so by someone. Seriously- learn to celebrate with them. Remember-your favorite might be celebrated next right?

  • Why can’t we all just take it for what it is Entertainment? All this and that really does disheartened how non-Korean view the Korean industry. We should be proud of one another and work towards getting to that $400,000, too. I just want to watch kdrama on TV. I don’t want real life drama ruined it.

  • Disagree with actors getting that pay no need for it I think it shows how greedy actors have become.I would of said no to pay rise as plenty of would be actors who would appreciate the chance and for far less

    • shut.up. thank fook it’s. not up to you. actors can demand as much as they want just like football players who get paid Millions of dollars per week just to kick a ball.

  • Why they bothered? its the agency/company and producer who want to take kim soo hyun.. they all know how to criticized .. why dont they try to produce and follow what they want.. that’s the different of new and veteran actors,but even if he’s new but they are good actors i guess the producer offer them a good payment.. but sad to say producer/director wants him..

  • He deserved it and he earned it! Go Kim Soo Hyun! You are the best and we’ll always support you. ❤

    Love and kisses all the way from Philippines!

  • I don’t even like the story of that drama. Crush landing over you is much much better story than this.

  • Maybe you are not a fan of Kim Soo Hyunshi. Anyway, stop being jealous and just be happy for him, okay? He deserves every won.

  • First of all, he deserves every single cent that he’s getting and if I was also that producer of his new upcoming dramas, I’d totally gave him a raise. Why? Paying your actors nor giving such a raise on certain actors, DOESNT solely revolves around on the actor’s versatility, but it also includes some grounds of how capable he is. His marketability plays a big picture. Most companies nowadays are absolutely willing to pay nor gamble either millions nor billions of dollars on certain people/person that they know will garner their products into new limelight. Because whether we like it or not, brand endorsements doesn’t entirely involves one’s popularity as a distinctive factor, but also one’s ability to manifest their products attention into greater heights. Yes, some actors might be more popular than him, but still Kim Soo Hyun bagged it. There must be something peculiarly EXQUISITE about his persona that make the entertainment producers such decisions. So, instead of negativity why don’t we just support his new project. Then, if you don’t like it after watching, you can conclude and judge him then.

  • I’m not sure where the issue is coming from since they’re not the ones paying. These actors invested their youth, time, energy, and not to mention their safety during shooting. Affected much because?

  • All i can say is Kim Soo Hyun deserves it.He is great and brilliant actor. As a matter of fact, we are already waiting for this drama That Night.. 😀

  • why can’t people just leave it alone… I mean he has the right to ask for a raise.. so do we when we feel like it too. Celebrities here in the US gets way more. I’m super proud of him.. we all should be. Not talking bad about him.

  • If an actor can get away with that huge paycheck then it means the production values the whole project that much. If they are confident about it (and they are the one paying and doing business) who are we to question. A case of crab mentality. So there are things like that in Korea, too. Green-eyed monsters are everywhere too. Tsk.

  • He deserves even more, he put the hard work in so good luck to him, there are actors out there that are getting millions and cannot act …the asking price for an A class actor, he isnt asking for much if you look at it on that scale so good on him

  • Most actors/actresses are only on top for a few years just like most athletes. If he can get paid that much money or even shares in the production, then good for him. At least so far, no one has come forward with false stories on him. In Asian countries that would put him out of the business for good. In other countries, we judge him on his work.

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