With the Controversy Over ‘Joseon Exorcist,’ Worries About ‘Snowdrop’ Are Mounting

Joseon Exorcist sparked a heated debate over K-dramas’ historical inaccuracy. And it seems like Snowdrop is worrying the people now.

Credit: SBS

Joseon Exorcist has turned the country upside down with its inaccuracy in historical figures and props. And today, the entire production has been scrubbed. Now, people’s attention is focusing on JTBC’s mega-scale project, Snowdrop.

Joseon Exorcist caused much concern from the get-go when the synopsis was released through the press. What sparked most worries was the sentence that read, “Joseon was founded with the help of the Vatican and the exorcist.” In response, the production team stated that they have deleted and corrected all the “problematic” parts.

However, the historical inaccuracy in the first two episodes was serious. Taejong, who had a strong ideology of “loving his subjects,” became a tyrant who slaughtered the people because of hallucinations. The translator used offensive language to the prince. On top of that, Sinicism was spotted all over the place.

Credit: FNC Entertainment, YG Entertainment, Ace Factory, Sidus HQ

On the same note, Snowdrop‘s synopsis is causing many concerns as well.

Snowdrop is the new project by the SKY Castle team, writer Yoo Hyung Min and director Cho Hyun Tak. It confirmed the casting of Jung Hae In, Jisoo, Kim Hye Yoon, Jang Seung Jo, and Yoo In Na, making headlines for its mega-scale production.

According to the synopsis, the drama is set in Seoul in 1987. This is the year when June Struggle, aka June Democratic Uprising, generated mass protests in Korea.

One of the drama’s major issues is that the second male lead is an agent from Agency for National Security Planning. Jang Seung Jo’s role “Lee Kang Moo” is described like this: “He’s the team leader of the first division of Agency for National Security Planning. He always goes by the book and accomplishes his mission without backing out.”

During the June Struggle, Agency for National Security Planning turned innocent people into spies and extracted confessions through tortures. Nevertheless, people are concerned that positively portraying one of these people as a second lead could glorify the entire agency.

Another issue is the possibility of the male lead Su Ho being a spy from North Korea. If this is true, then this could be a significant “distorting history.” However, this is so far an unconfirmed rumor. No related information is found in any of the production company’s official press release.

Jisoo, who plays the heroine, is a member of Blackpink. As she is a global star with a huge influence, there is a clear risk of false information spreading abroad as facts.

Of course, the severe criticism towards a drama that didn’t premiere yet needs to be stopped. However, today, SBS ended up canceling Joseon Exorcist entirely. Naturally, the public will inevitably become more sensitive to historical inaccuracies in dramas. Will Snowdrop, which sparked a controversy even before the official broadcast, clear its name? Attention focuses.


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