Is “Baby Monster” the Next YG’s Girl Group Following Blackpink?

Credit: YG Entertainment

Six years after their debut, Blackpink became the one-top K-pop girl group. Now, the attention focuses on YG’s next girl group Baby Monster (not confirmed).

Blackpink burst onto the K-pop scene in 2016. And since then, they became one of the most popular girl groups in the world. Not only as a team, but members’ individual activities are gaining global popularity. Certainly, Blackpink has proved its name as “global No. 1 girl group.”

And Baby Monster is the group that will succeed this popularity. From last year, K-pop fans paid much attention to YG’s new girl group and the timing of their debut.

According to StarNews, everything about Baby Monster (even the name) is still undecided.

Credit: YG Entertainment

However, this new girl group will showcase a completely different color from YG’s rookie boy group Treasure. If Treasure takes after Big Bang, iKON, WINNER as a K-pop dance group, Baby Monster will focus on “music.”

Some people from the label is saying that Baby Monster will be a “Big Mama-type” group.

Big Mama is the epitome of the female R&B group and the female black music vocal team. They have captivated listeners with their soulful harmony and powerful singing styles. If big Mama was equipped with impeccable singing skills, Baby Monster will add visuals and dance. With this, they will add another episode to the YG girl group’s success story, following 2NE1 and Blackpink.

YG stated that the name “Baby Monster” is not set in stone. And yet, YG has already registered both Korean and English names of “Baby Monster” and “Ba-Mon (nickname).”


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