Park Na Rae’s Sexual Harassment Controversy Is Growing by the Minute

Park Na Rae is heavily under fire for her sexually harassing actions.

Credit: YouTube “Studio Waffle”

Park Na Rae sparked a heated controversy with her inappropriate actions and words in her YouTube broadcast. The production team stepped up to apologize, but the aftermath is developing into a crisis.

On the 23rd, YouTube channel “Studio Waffle” posted the second episode of “Hey Nare.” This reality show is hosted by comedian Park Na Rae and Hey Jini, a YouTuber who runs a kids channel. For the new episode, the two ladies got together to review a male doll.

However, Park Na Rae continued to go over the line, touching and pulling the doll’s groin. She even made sexually inappropriate remarks like, “Oh, I thought this doll had that part too.” Soon after the video was released, sexual harassment controversy erupted.

In the wake of the severe criticism, Studio Waffle apologized through their YouTube channel community bulletin. They wrote, “We sincerely apologize for disappointing our subscribers with our second video.”

But even with the apology, Park Na Rae’s “action” that mimicked sexual act in the previous video surfaced. And the controversy grew fiercer.

Credit: YouTube “Studio Waffle”

In episode 0, Hey Jini told Park that she is forbidden from using her hands or pelvis to “do something dirty.” Park flew off the handle and asked if she could use her feet. Then she put her feet around the table leg and started rubbing it up and down. She even made sounds like “yeah, yeah” while doing so, discomforting the viewers.

People who saw the two videos commented: “If a male comedian did this, he would have to retire.” “That was over the line,” and “The production team should have cut this instead of highlighting it.”

Soon, MBC’s I Live Alone was also dragged into the mess. Viewers flocked over to online communities and I Live Alone‘s bulletin board and started demanding Park Na Rae’s exit from the show.

However, Park Na Rae and her agency are remaining silent on the controversy.

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  • I agree they should have cut it out if was not acceptable. Play it and highlighting got them views and her critiqued. They are so wrong to not think about her. Comedians go for the laugh. Of a male had done it they would have cut it out. They should be held accountable more than her.

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