How Song Joong Ki Deals with the Villains in ‘Vincenzo’

Vincenzo is catching the viewers’ eyes with its satisfying vengeance. The way they deal evil with the devil provides a new sense of gratification. Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young will attempt to attack the invincible cartel with different tactics. The two certainly became thick-skinned and vicious to go against the villans with rage and practice rather than a half-baked justice. Let’s take a look at Vincenzo’s fantastic tactics, as they are gaining support from viewers.

Episode 7: Going After The Enemy of My Enemy

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Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young were able to win the lawsuit on the industrial accident because they approached the enemy of their enemy. After losing all key witnesses before the trial due to Wusang Law Firm’s tricks, she surprised everyone as she subpoenaed an unexpected person. As her first witness, Vincenzo criticized the company’s executives, who blamed the victims for the cause of the industrial accidents. He became an important man for the trial as he had crucial evidence in his hands.

The second witness happened to be the wife of the opponent. Gil Jong Moon, who stood in court as Wusang’s medical consultant, is a character involved in covering up for the truth behind industrial accidents by lying about the cause of the victims’ symptoms. Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young made his wife, Professor Kim Yeo Won, their advocate. Thanks to her, Babel lost the case and promised to apologize publicly and compensate the victims.


Episode 8: The Beguiling Looks of the Mafia on a White Horse

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Babel yet again sought a way out of the crisis. With the weakness of ShinKwang Bank’s head Hwang Min Sung in her hands, Choi Myung Hee proceeded to make a fake investment agreement between the Babel Group and ShinKwang Bank. As the bank offered to invest in Babel, Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young assumed some transactions between them. It turns out, Hwang Min Sung had been sued several times by young men for violence. He was also the son of Hwang Deok Bae, the chairman who died after sexually harassing Vincenzo’s biological mother, Oh Kyung Ja.

Hong Cha Young then came up with ‘operation homme fatale.’ The plan was about distracting Hwang Min Sung with Vincenzo. Thus, Vincenzo put on a show after transforming himself into Hwang Min Sung’s ideal man. Obsessed with Vincenzo as expected, Hwang Min Sung broke the investment agreement with Babel. Though Choi Myung Hee signed the deal as a backup plan, Hwang Min Sung could not avoid the punishment for what he did.


Episode 10: The Shootout That Brought Back Vincenzo’s Instincts as a Mafia

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The families of the victims from the Babel Pharmaceutical experiments have lost their lives. Vincenzo and Hong Chan Young immediately knew that Babel and Wusang were behind the deaths, disguised as suicides. Vincenzo was furious and vowed his revenge, planning to seek and kill the boss of Babel. As he handled those involved in the murder one by one, he got closer to the root of it. When they punished the corrupted police, they were able to find clear evidence of murder. However, the chances of issuing the warrant were slim, and the bereaved families’ killers were nowhere to be found. So Vincenzo ended up making the killers come and kill him. As predicted, Jang Jun Woo sent killers on his way, and Vincenzo satisfied the viewers by dealing with them in his mafia-natured, deadly firefights.


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