‘Sisyphus: The Myth’ Will the Heros Escape the Möbius Strip?

JTBC’s Sisyphus: The Myth has reached its turning point. Han Tae Sul and Kang Seo Hae took a step closer to the existence of Sigma, which will destroy the world. With that, the two jumped into the ever-repeating Sisyphus in earnest. Sigma seems to be galloping out of control, but he is meticulously implementing plans to destroy the world.

Will there be an “end” for those trapped in the same fate like the Möbius Strip? Let’s check the key points for the second half and make solid predictions.


Cho Seung Woo vs. Sigma – A more intense head-on conflict

Credit: JTBC

The battle between Han Tae Sul and Sigma will only get more explosive. Sigma approached Han deliberately over a period of 10 years. And this is because he needed the time machine “Uploader” that only genius engineer Han can make. After learning the truth, Han chooses to stand up desperately against fate, even if he dies as scheduled on October 31st.

Already, Han proclaimed war on Sigma, infiltrating his hermitage and quickly penetrating into him. Sigma also chose more bold moves as his countermeasure, creating tension. Then at the end of the latest episode, the confrontation between Han and Sigma was heralded. Naturally, attention focuses on the long-awaited head-on conflict.


Park Shin Hye vs. Go Yoon – Their blood feuds

Credit: JTBC

Because of Control Bureau’s set-up, Kang Seo Hae became Jung Hyun Ki’s mother’s murderer. Jung believes every word he heard and their relationship suffered a big time. Jung joined the Control Bureau and expressed his endless anger toward Kang. His attack at the banquet hall and amusement park was all part of revenge.

His vain vengeance peaked atop in the last broadcast. He plunged “FOS injection” that breaks down proteins inside the body into Kang’s body after he got pissed at her scream, “I didn’t kill anyone!” Kang tells him, “You no longer care if I really killed your mother or not.” And like what she said, their conflict is intensifying due to Jung’s twisted vengeance of needing a place to vent his anger. But Jung from the future knows all the truth about the bureau and Kang. When will he face the whole truth?


Cho Seung Woo & Park Shin Hye – Will they be togehter on November 1st?

Credit: JTBC

Han and Kang are continuing their desperate struggle to keep “Uploader” from the absolute evil Sigma. But the problem is that even if they successfully defeat Sigma, there will be no happy ending. Since there will be no “Uploader,” Kang cannot travel from the future to the present. And since the nuclear war cannot be stopped in Korea, Kang in the future will “not exist.” Sigma is using this point to blackmail Han.

Furthermore, Han is fated to die on October 31st as he pursues Sigma. Watching Han making a reservation for a pool villa in Hawaii on November 1st, Kang has a heavy heart. As the two care more for each other, the destined future feels even more sad.


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