TV Personality Kim Min Ah Caught Up in Controversy Again for Her Inappropriate Action

Credit: SM C&C

TV Personality Kim Min Ah was embroiled in controversy once again for mimicking a scene from the R-rated film Inside Men.

In the YouTube web variety show “Why Man House” released on the 20th, Kim Min Ah and Yukika were seen introducing their resume to each other.

During her introduction, Kim Min Ah talked about her “talent” while explaining her hobbies and specialties. She first showed her Choi Hwa Jung impersonation then stood up to show the next one.

Credit: YouTube “Why Man House”

She mimed the action of putting a glass on the table and clasped her hands behind her back. Kim then bounced her waist to knock over the glass. This was her version of Lee Kyung Young using his “body part” to create a poktanju (bomb shot) in Inside Men.

Kim Min Ah and Yukika’s R-rated joked continued. And the production team blurred out the screen with the phrase, “It’s so dirty that we blurred it out.”

However, Kim’s impersonation sparked a heated controversy as this was her comeback since taking time off after making sexually harassing remarks to a minor.

Last year, during an episode of her YouTube content “What the Back 2,” Kim asked a middle school student questions like “Where do you release your energy?” or “What do you when you’re alone?” At the time, she officially apologized to the student and his parents and dropped out of all her shows.

In response to this criticism, Kim Min Ah’s agency SM C&C told News1, “Once we organize our position, we will announce it.”


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