Seo In Young Boasts Her Matching Friendship Tattoo, But Controversy over “Stealing” Has Sparked

Seo In Young showed off her new matching tattoo, but people are saying that she “stole the design.”

Credit: Seo In Young Instagram

Seo In Young and her old friend boasted their matching friendship tattoos. However, her photo only sparked a controversy over “stealing the design.”

On the 22nd, Seo In Young posted a picture of her and her friend posing to show off their new matching friendship tattoo with her friend. This new colorful tattoo has the words “ALL IS WELL.”

However, people soon noticed that the design was actually created by a famous tattooist in Busan. And this sparked a heated debate over the singer “stealing” someone else’s idea.

As questions and criticism mounted, Seo In Young’s friend in the photo explained that she saved the design because she thought “it was pretty.” She added, “I didn’t know it was a Korean artist’s design. I sincerely apologize to the original tattooist for my rash action.” She also stressed that Seo In Young did not know of the situation because “everything was all choice.”

Seo In Young also apologized through a comment: “I’m sorry that I created a fuss against my will. My friend saw this design on a foreign website a long time ago and saved it because she wanted to get it one day. And it was her birthday, so we finally got it. I’m sorry that my friend didn’t know the situation and that I failed to check it.”

However, the tattooist posted the same photo on her social media and wrote, “Every industry has its own business morality.” She then went on to say, “Some might say ‘what’s wrong with using a lettering tattoo’ or ‘did you patent it?’ But this not a font from a computer, but it’s my own signature lettering that I write with my pen. But the spelling, shape, and color are exactly the same. Isn’t this a copy?”


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