Kitti B Refuses to Agree on Black Nut’s Settlement and Take Actions Against Haters

Credit: Kitti B’s SNS

Rapper Kitti B said she won a part of the civil lawsuits filed against Black Nut and stated to take hard-line actions against copycat crimes.

It was officially announced on the 19th, “The appeal court sentenced Black Nut to pay 25 million won (approximately 22k USD) with the deferred interest, and Kitty B won some civil cases.” According to Kitty B’s side, the rapper won the first trial for the civil case she claimed for damages after it was ruled without defense. Though Black Nut’s side appealed with how he’s reflecting, and his financial status, the court ruled in favor of Kitty B.

Along with the news of her court wins, they also mentioned the malicious DMs and comments in regards to the legal fees for a settlement. “Kitty B is a clear victim. We will no longer tolerate sexual harassment and malicious comments about Kitty B, and will take strict actions against them,” they warned.

Credit: Xports News

Earlier in 2017, Black Nut was sued by Kitty B for using expressions that sexually humiliate her in songs including “Too Real” and “Indigo Child.” He was additionally indicted and put on trial for insulting the rapper twice in 2016, before being accused of the same charges later in July and September of 2017.

Black Nut also recently lost a civil lawsuit as the Seoul Western District Couty sentenced him to pay 25 million won in damages, and the deferred interests.


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