Big Hit Entertainment Officially Changes Its Name to HYBE

Credit: “Big Hit Labels” YouTube
Credit: “Big Hit Labels” YouTube

Big Hit Entertainment will officially change its name to HYBE.

On March 19th, Big Hit Entertainment announced the new start with the “HYBE: NEW BRAND PRESENTATION” video posted on their YouTube channel. “We will change our name from Big Hit to HYBE and take off as an entertainment lifestyle platform company.”

HYBE symbolizes connection, expansion, and relationships. After the general shareholders’ meeting on the 30th, they will officially go by the new name, HYBE. With this change, the company decided to create Labels, Solutions, and Platforms business-wise. Certainly, the goal is to make these three systems innovate business models and grow under the unique framework.

Credit: “Big Hit Labels” YouTube

Firstly, HYBE Labels includes Big Hit Music, BELIFT LAB, Source Music, Pledis, KOZ, and HYBE Labels Japan. Secondly, HYBE Solutions comprises HYBE three Sixty, HYBE Edu, SUPERB, HYBE Solutions Japan, and HYBE T & T&D Japan. Lastly, Solutions will work with creating secondary and tertiary businesses based on each label’s creative output. Moreover, the HYBE Platform realm includes Weverse Company. It will be the hub of all HYBE content and services.

“It would be more accurate to say that HYBE is a bigger vessel for Big Hit to nestle in. The identity of Big Hit Entertainment will live on as Big Hit Music’ as a label that makes up HYBE,” Chairman Bang Si Hyuk shared. “I believe that it will strengthen the fundamental capabilities as a label, that is, music production, artist management, and fan communication and standards that formed the bedrock that made HYBE what it is today.”

Credit: “Big Hit Labels” YouTube

Big Hit also unveiled the new headquarter in Yongsan as an extension of its new company branding. They designed the new building under the concept of “Hyper Nomad.” It means creative intellectuals who create new businesses and paradigms. Similarly, this theme will allow “a space in which every member can create new values as a hyper nomad.”

Bang ended the video, saying, “We are embarking on a new journey in HYBE with a new mission, space, and organization structure. But as always, our fundamentals will not change. We will continue to believe in the power of music, innovate the industry spread positive influence, and bring changes to lifestyles.”

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