Ok Taec Yeon Mentions 2PM’s Comeback in His Pictorial Interview

Credit: 1st Look
Credit: 1st Look
Credit: 1st Look

2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon chatted about his acting and singing careers in his recent pictorial interview.

Ok Taec Yeon, who is currently starring in Vincenzo as Jang Jun Woo, decorated the April issue of 1st Look fashion magazine. In the interview after the photo shoot, he told various stories like his affection for the drama Vincenzo, his acting career, and 2PM’s new album.

In Vincenzo, Ok Taec Yeon showcases a whole new side of him as a rookie lawyer who has a crush on his boss and a cold-blooded sociopath who commits murder when necessary for his company.

According to Ok Taec Yeon, playing Jang Jun Woo was a new challenge for him. “When I first got the script, I thought to myself, ‘I need to do this.’ Jang Jun Woo and I have so many things in common,” he shared. “However, to me, Jun Woo is a person who carries several faces under his hood. He goes back and forth between cold and warmth. So I had to pay extra attention to every detail, thinking, ‘How will I look if I express it like this?’ I’ve never tried this kind of acting, so I wonder how the audience will accept it.”

Credit: 1st Look
Credit: 1st Look
Credit: 1st Look

Ok Taec Yeon then added, “I consider acting is more about maximizing different aspects of mine than showing a completely new image. So I want people to see the character’s tendency and the situation at once by watching my performance. I am doing my best to accomplish that.”

2 PM is gearing up for their comeback. “I don’t know if we can make our comeback this year, but we’re planning. It will be our first comeback in 5 years. We are in serious discussion about what we can show the audience. Please give us a moment to have the best outcome with us.


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