Upcoming K-Drama: A Character Guide to the Korean Historical Version of Exorcism: ‘Joseon Exorcist’

Credit: SBS

With its first episode airing on the 22nd, SBS’s new series Joseon Exorcist deals with humans’ bloody battle against evil spirits. While the ghosts try to devour Joseon by taking advantage of human desire, the humans seek protection for their race. The work revolves around a compelling universe with exorcism as Lee Bang Won (Taejong) encounters evil beings while patrolling in the northern region. The work will open a new horizon for K-Zombies, especially with director Shin Kyung Soo who previously worked on strong action-historical series such as Nokdu Flower and Six Flying Dragons.


Kam Woo Sung as King Taejong

Credit: SBS

Taejong is so cold-hearted that he can sacrifice his family and colleagues to strengthen his way to the throne. After the ravages of Hamjusung, where innocent people lost their lives, Taejong sealed the head of evil spirits, Azazel. However, the peace did not last long before Azazel came back to life. Joseon was once again in chaos as Taejong lost his youngest son, Kang Nyeong. Hence, King Taejong picks his sword yet again to lock the evil spirit off.


Jang Dong Yoon as Prince Chungnyung

Credit: SBS

The third son of King Taejong, though kindhearted and intelligent, prince Chungnyung’s life is not only filled with happiness. On the day he secretly followed his father, King Tae Jong, he witnessed the violent scene and took on a grave task to safely lead Father John, the exorcist, to Hanyang for him to save the life of Grand Prince Kang Nyeong. In a crisis of a critical encounter with a possessed individual, a mysterious dance crew, ‘Sadang-pae’, saves Chungnyeong’s life. Together, they begin a strange yet dangerous journey to save Joseon.


Park Sung Hoon as Prince Yangnyeong

Credit: SBS

As a firstborn of King Taejong, prince Yangnyeong is armed with confidence and self-righteousness; however, there also exists massive anxiety that his father may not recognize him. After an unprecedented incident in Hanyang and their successor to the throne becomes uncertain, he begins to consider his younger brother Prince Chungnyung as his political enemy.


Seo Young Hee as Queen Wonmyeong

Credit: SBS

The wife of King Taejong, Queen Wonmyeong, is from the most powerful family of the era. She joined forces with his father and brothers to make Taejong a king but ended up in agony as her family lost their lives at her husband’s hands. Afterward, she bursts with repressed anger when the powerful evil spirit reappears and attacks Kang Nyeong, the Grand Prince she loved the most.


Lee Yu Bi as Eo Ri

Credit: SBS

Eo Ri is the favorite concubine of Prince Yangnyeong. She wins all his love with boss-like guts and a desire to keep Joseon under her control.


Kim Dong Jun as Byeo Ri

Credit: SBS

Byeo Ri, a member of ‘Sadang-pae,’ aims to flee from Joseon with Muho due to the discrimination on their social classes. He grew up as a ‘Baekjung’ (T/N: the lowest class of people that existed back in Joseon) and thus had loneliness and sorrow ingrained within him. As he is in charge of floor acrobatics in the dance crew, he is quick and has good swordsmanship. He opens up to the world and the people as he fights against the possessed with Prince Chungnyung.


Jung Hye Sung as Moo Hwa

Credit: SBS

Moohwa was the only one to survive when Yi Bang Won suppressed shamanism and Buddhism with the help of Wonmyeong. When she was seven-years-old, she felt the gift in her and became a prodigy by ten. Currently, she is the national shaman. Moo Hwa does anything for Prince Wonmyeong, who saved her life.


Keum Sae Rok as Hye Yoom (Byeo Ri’s co-worker)

Credit: SBS

Hye Yoom is Byu Ri’s colleague who is also a floor acrobat. She guards Prince Chungnyung and Byu Ri in the battle against the grand evil spirit.


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