The 3 Highest-Rated Scenes from ‘The Penthouse 2’

The Penthouse 2 is continuing its undying popularity.

The 8th episode topped the chart with 26.8% viewer ratings, overwhelming all programs, including terrestrial and cable TV, aired in the past week. According to an analysis by SMR (Smart Media Representative), which distributes clips from major broadcasters on online platforms, the cumulative number of views for The Penthouse 2 exceeded 100 million as of the 16th. Following the first season, which surpassed 200 million views for the first time in 2021, The Penthouse 2 also proves itself to the hottest topic.

Let’s look back on the highest-rated scenes from The Penthouse 2, which perfectly dominated the small screen.


1. Na Ae Gyo’s first appearance in the 6th episode (27.9%)

The scene that reset The Penthouse 2′s all-time ratings was Na Ae Gyo’s (Lee Ji Ah) first appearance in the 6th episode. At that moment, the ratings soared up to 27.9%. A woman who looks just like Shim Soo Ryeon shocked the viewers when she showed up at the penthouse and kissed Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon). In the scene, Na Ae Gyo was the complete opposite of Shim Soo Ryeon in every way: her appearance, atmosphere, and attitude. The curiosity over this person who casually says, “How have you been? It’s been a while, Joo Dan Tae,” went through the roof.


2. Joo Dan Tae strangles Na Ae Gyo in the 8th episode (26.8%)

In the 8th episode, Joo Dan Tae pointed a gun at Na Ae Gyo and strangled her. This scene garnered 26.8% ratings, landing at No. 2. While Joo Dan Tae and Na Ae Gyo enjoyed shooting, he points the pistol with still one shot left at her head. And he threatens her, saying, “You tried to betray me two years ago, right?” The two then get into a physical fight. The lamp hits him, and blood drips from his head. Soon, Joo Dan Tae throws a fit engulfed by his trauma and strangles Na Ae Gyo. That moment, Logan Lee (Park Eun Seok) walks in and saves her.


3. Joo Suk Kyung holds out the evidence to Chun Seo Jin in the 5th episode (26.5%)

Just before the announcement of the winners of the CheongA Arts Festival, Joo Suk Kyung (Han Ji Hyun) holds out Ha Eun Byul’s (Choi Ye Bin) phone to Chun Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) and demands the grand prize. During the scene, viewer ratings went up to 26.5%, ranking at No. 3. Earlier, Joo Suk Kyung watched the “stone steps video” that shows Chun Seo Jin running away and leaving her father Chun Myung Soo (Jung Sung Mo) to die. With it, she demands the grand prize trophy from Chun Seo Jin. Joo Suk Kyung even threw Chun Seo Jin into the world of chaos by revealing that the footage was actually from Ha Eun Byul’s phone. Trying to extort the grand prize, she filled the screen with breathtaking tension.

The production team shared, “With the enthusiastic support of the viewers, season 2 is already coming to an end. From the 9th episode, hair-raising twists and fascinating stories will come after another. So please look forward to it.”


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