Here’s What the Cast of ‘Minari’ Said Upon Their Oscar Award Acceptance

Credit: Pan Cinema

After being nominated for six total awards at the Academy Awards, Minari‘s director Isaac Chung, Steven Yeun, Han Ye Ri, Youn Yuh Jung, and Alan Kim delivered special messages to Korean fans.

Credit: Pan Cinema

Isaac Chung, the director to challenge the Academy Award’s Best Director Award as an Asian following Ang Lee and Bong Joon Ho, said “I am especially thankful to my mom, dad, and sister, who filled our Arkansas farmhouse with love, and my wife and daughter who mean more to me than anything. I want to thank all of the Korean audiences, press, and Pan Cinema for their support of our film, especially for the history we have made in honoring Youn Yuh Jung’s work on an international stage.” He also expressed his gratitude to his grandmother saying, “I’m blessed that the minari my grandmother planted by the water continues to grow.”

As the first Korean-American to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Steven Yeun thanked Minari‘s production team and fellow actors saying, “Thank you to the Academy for this honor to be nominated alongside such incredible artists. I am also grateful to see the talent of Lee Isaac Chung, Youn Yuh Jung, Emile Mosseri, and Christina Oh be recognized as well. If I’ve learned anything from this past year and from the experience of this film, it is that this life is shared. I am blessed to have shared in this with our brilliant cast and crew and I am only here because of them.”

Credit: Pan Cinema

Han Ye Ri was also nominated for Minari‘s Korean OST “Rain Song,” and stated that she is thankful as it is proof that the film has been loved by a lot of people. “It feels good to see the people I like rewarded for their work. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to contribute at least a little to the achievements of Isaac Chung, Emile Mosseri, Youn Yuh Jung, and Steven Yeun,” she said congratulating those nominated for their awards.

Youn Yuh Jung was nominated as the first Korean actress to be nominated for an Academy Award and said that she is grateful to many for helping and supporting her on the way to such honor. “Seems like we feel grateful when we feel at ease. When one cannot afford that, we get resentful. I guess I feel a lot more at ease; I’m grateful for everything that has happened. Once again, I’m sorry that I couldn’t greet you face-to-face due to the (COVID-19) situation. Thank you so much for your support,” she said.

Credit: Pan Cinema

Lastly, Alan Kim, who surprised the world by being nominated for the Best Supporting Actor at the British Academy Awards, said that he is happy to hear from his parents that Minari was nominated. “I was surprised to hear that it had been nominated for six awards. I met all the Minari family members in a Zoom meeting earlier, and I missed them,” he stated.


Source: Pan Cinema

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