Super Junior Talks About How Proud They are for the 10th Full-Length Album 

Credit: Label SJ

Super Junior has declared their grand return.

Credit: Label SJ

The group has held an online press conference on the 16th for their 10th full-length album The Renaissance, in which they said, “We will continue to challenge ourselves with the steadiness we’ve been releasing our past 10 full-length albums.”

The new album The Renaissance will feature 10 total tracks, including the title “House Party,” “Raining Spell For Love,” “Super,” “Paradox,” and “Mystery.” Whilst most artists in the scene have been coming out with digital singles and mini-albums, Super Junior is continuing their full-fledged activities by releasing regular albums. Eunhyuk said that they take pride in releasing a full album. “Whilst most release mini-albums and singles, we always fill our albums with 10 songs or more. We also worked very hard to make this album as well,” he explained.

Credit: Label SJ

Lee Teuk stated it has already been 17 years since the group’s debut. He added, “It feels like we’ve only debuted yesterday, but I think we were able to remain active for a long time because of everyone’s love. Our fans have waited long for us. While it was planned to be released last year, we apologize for the delay due to our desire to make it a better quality. We will show you why we had to postpone it through the new album.”

The title song “House Party” is a dance song with a cheerful and exciting rhythm, featuring lyrics that contain hopeful messages to cheer listeners up amidst the difficult situation of COVID-19. Eunhyuk pointed out that a message which reflects the times we are in is necessary. “We did it in Super Junior style, without making it too serious. I think it’s light and enjoyable,” he said.

Shindong claimed that there is a certain burden of the 10th album, as he thinks it is a process in which they have to show how they have improved. “It’s a point of origin. As ‘Renaissance’ was a period of artistic and cultural revival, this album is a parallel to our first album. With this album, we want to tell everyone that Super Junior is back to square one,” Lee Teuk elaborated.


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