‘Imitation’ to Make Up for Postponed Episodes of ‘Dear. M’

Photos of the script reading scene for KBS2’s new drama Imitation have been revealed on the 16th. This is after the first episode of the show was confirmed on May 7th.

Credit: KBS

Imitation is based on a webtoon of the same Kakao Page webtoon, depicting an era of 1 million idols and stars who dream of becoming the ‘real thing’.

On this day for a script reading, director Han Hyun Hee was present along with other lead characters including, but not limited to, Jung Ji So (playing the role of Lee Ma Ha), Lee Jun Young (Kwon Ryok), ATEEZ’s Yun Ho (Lee Yu Jin), Danny Ahn (Ji Hak), Lim Na Young (Hyun Ji), Kim Min Seo (Yoo Ria), SF9’s Hwiyoung (Kang Lee Hyun), and ATEEZ’s Jong Ho (Hyuk).

As the actor behind Lee Mi Ha, the center of the idol tea party, Jun Ji So caught the eye by integrating into her character from her first reading session. She filled the scene with cheerfulness as she portrayed Ma Ha’s lovely and positive personality. At the same time, Lim Na Young and Kim Min Seo also demonstrated great teamwork, raising expectations for the upcoming performance and synergy.

Meanwhile, Lee Jun Young turned into Kwon Ryok, the center of TOP’s idol ‘Shax.’ He gives out an indifferent aura with a cold image, yet shows sloppy sides which are unexpected of him. The actor also makes hearts flutter when he is with Jung Ji So. Yu Ri, Ahn Jeong Hun, Hwiyoung, Jong Ho, and Lee Jun Young showed chemistry so perfect that one would believe that they were actually from the same group.

Credit: Lee Jun Young’s SNS

Danny Ahn, now an actor but originally a first-gen. idol plays the head of Tea Party’s agency Ji Hak to guide Jung Ji So, Lim Na Young, and Kim Min Seo. Furthermore, Shim Eun Jin plays the character of Reporter Byun, chasing after whatever moves idols make.

The production team for KBS’ Imitation checked out the teamwork and energy of the cast members which include Jung Ji So, Lee Joon Young, and Yun Ho. “After finishing the first script reading session, we were convinced that we would enjoy working with them. We are working hard to fill everyone’s spring with a heart-fluttering excitement. Please look forward to Imitation,” they said.


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