[Weekly Up & Down] Yunho Violates Social Distancing Regulations vs. Discord Between Long-Running Group Shinhwa

Yunho Violated Social Distancing Regulations at an Adult Entertainment Establishment

Credit: SM Entertainment

Yunho sparked a controversy when he violated social distancing rules. At the end of February, he was caught staying at a restaurant until midnight when business hours are limited to 10 pm.

He expressed his apology through his Instagram and wrote, “I am very ashamed of and angry with myself for being unable to abide by the business hour restrictions when meeting with my friends.”

However, on the 12th, MBC’s Newsdesk reported that officials caught Yunho at an illegal KTV bar. Yunho’s friends got into a physical fight with the police to help Yunho flee the scene. The news report shocked people by sharing the singer’s attempt to escape the scene. However, SM Entertainment refuted, stating that Yunho visited the place for the first time per his friend’s request for advice. They asserted that he never tried to flee the scene and that no female employee was with him. Nevertheless, Yunho, the “icon of passion,” disappointed the public by violating social distancing regulations at an illegal business.


IZ*ONE Ends Its Activities After 2 Years and 6 Months.

Credit: Off The Record Entertainment

IZ*ONE, formed and debuted through Mnet’s Produce 48, will be dismissed in April. On the 11th, Mnet stated, “Having the IZ*ONE’s dismissal in the future, Mnet, Swing Entertainment, and Off The Record have decided to dissolve the team in April as scheduled.” Fans had their high hopes for the possibility of extending IZ*ONE’s contract. However, the group ended up disbanding after two and a half years of career without any additional offers. IZ*ONE held an online solo concert, “ONE, THE STORY,” for fans for two days on the 13th and 14th. Still, there is a growing interest in the possibility of unit group activities and the members’ future moves.


School Violence Scandals Are Still Ongoing in Entertainment Industry

Credit: Santa Claus Entertainment, HB Entertainment

School violence scandals are still an ongoing issue in the entertainment industry. Park Hye Soo and Jo Byun Gyu, who had previously asserted school violence, actively denied all allegations in their social media accounts. But the controversy maintains parallel lines as the alleged victims’ positions continue to be at odds with the celebrities. Apart from refuting the allegations on social media, the two are taking legal actions. Hong Hyun Hee, Jo Han Sun, Dong Ha, and Shim Eun Woo also receive allegations of school violence. Hong Hyun Hee immediately denied the claims and asked for the person who posted the article against her to meet up. Her agency filed a complaint right away. The case came to an end when the alleged victim apologized to Hong Hyun Hee, saying that there was a memory error.


23 Years After Debut, Shinhwa’s Eric and Kim Dong Wan Discord Surfaces

Credit: iMBC

Rumors of discord between Shinhwa, the long-running group in the K-pop scene, shocked the fans. On the 14th, the group’s internal conflict went viral when Eric posted a lengthy article on his Instagram. He tagged Kim Dong Wan in the post. He wrote, “(Kim Dong Wan) said he couldn’t proceed (Shinhwa promotions) because the production team couldn’t reach me. I will tell you my side of the story. Ever since the ‘Sniper’ promotions, he wasn’t in our group chat for six years, and he never gave me his new phone number after blocking me.” Kim Dong Wan’s pessimistic remarks about future Shinhwa activities during his Clubhouse broadcast allegedly started the dispute. Later, Kim commented on Eric’s post, “I talked to Andy on the phone. Let’s the three of us meet tomorrow and talk. I’ll go to Seoul, so let’s talk in person.”


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