Behind The Scene Stills for ‘Love Alarm 2’ Reveal the Friendly Atmosphere of the Set

Credit: Netflix

As the second season of Love Alarm tells the story of a girl who cannot ring her love alarm, and the two boys who want to get to know her, the series released a set of behind-the-scene stills after its premiere on Netflix.

Credit: Netflix

The unveiled photos showed a friendly shooting set as actors reunited after the first season. Whilst Kim So Hyun depicted Jo Jo’s confusion between Hye Young and Sun Oh, she said, “Both Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram are serious about their characters. We were able to film with faith in each other.” Jung Ga Ram on the role of Hye Young revealed that it was as if he returned home, as he “had fun filming, and felt comfortable” while attempting even more enthusiastic performances. Song Kang, who had to act with more depth in his emotions, explained the change in his character saying, “I usually like playing around, but I wanted to show a more mature and adult-like side on set.” Go Min Si playing the role of Gul Mi and Yuk Jo’s Kim Si Eun were also seen to brighten the set up with their characters.

Credit: Netflix

Director Kim Jin Woo clarified that the energy on set was incredible as actors came with great teamwork and concentration. “We were nervous that we wouldn’t be able to fully capture that energy on set,” he said.

Credit: Netflix

The show that makes your heart flutter, Love Alarm 2 is now available on Netflix.

Credit: Netflix

Source: Netflix

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