The ‘RibEye’ of ‘King of Mask Singer’ Turns Out to Be Singer-Songwriter Kwon Jin Ah

The person behind the mask of ‘Ribeye’ was singer-songwriter Kwon Jin Ah!

Credit: MBC

In an episode of MBC’s King of Mask Singer which aired on the 14th, a showdown between four masked singers was presented as they tried to take the throne of the current king, ‘Barcode,’ who had already won two consecutive rounds.

The first stage of the second round was between the contestant ‘Ribeye’ and ‘Mugwort.’ Contestant ‘Ribeye’ went first and presented Yoon Mi Rae’s “As Time Goes By” with their clean vocals. ‘Mugwort’ then sang Jessi’s “NUNU NANA” and showed off their charms.

Credit: Star In

As a result of the match, Mugwort won and advanced to the next round. As Ribeye took their mask off and revealed their identity, it turned out that Kwon Jin Ah was the one behind the mask! The singer-songwriter said that she decided to appear on the show to break prejudices against ballad-singers. “While we are known to be calm and collected, we actually aren’t like that,” she said, adding that she would like to recommend King of Mask Singer to Yoo Hee Yeol, the head of her agency Antenna Music.


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