Mingyu Cleared Up Misunderstandings with the Original Poster of His Alleged School Violence

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu has solved the misunderstanding with the original author of the post claiming the singer’s school violence.

Credit: Biz Tribune

On the 12th, SEVENTEEN’s agency Pledis Entertainment stated that they have talked to the original poster (OP) several times and confirmed facts with them. “After this, we have agreed that we have resolved the misunderstanding of the incident.”

After a post on an online community pointed out that Mingyu was involved in school violence/bullying, the company has been making statements regarding the event.

“The OP said that they experienced many personal incidents which are unrelated to the artist when they were in middle school, and wrote the post to let people know of what had happened to them. The OP has told us that is what made them write about the things which happened at the academy,” Pledis Entertainment wrote.

Credit: OSEN

Furthermore, it’s been stated that the artist (Mingyu) said he played pranks with the boys in the academy but never intended to bother or embarrass any individual in particular. “However, if the OP felt uncomfortable or had a hard time due to his actions in the past, he apologizes for that.”

The agency ended by stating that they are still under investigation for the rest of the raised issues and that they will keep everyone updated.


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