Continued ‘School Violence’ Controversy Sweeps TV Industry

A series of stars’ school violence controversies have been exposed and the TV industry has been alarmed. Consequently, dramas have been experiencing their main characters dropping out, or having their airing schedules pushed back.

Credit: KBS

Ji Soo, the male protagonist of KBS’s River Where the Moon Rises which kicked off on Feb 15h, was embroiled in a school violence controversy for assaulting and extorting. The first exposing post was made on the 2nd, and additional confessions were made in the comments. Since then, there were requests for Ji Soo’s withdrawal on the official website of River Where the Moon Rises. Ji Soo eventually posted an apology on his social media on the 4th acknowledging his involvement in school violence, and the production team went into an emergency meeting. 6 of 20 episodes of River Where the Moon Rises were aired at the time, and 95% of the shooting was completed. After much consideration, the production company Victory Contents decided to drop Ji Soo off the show, and replace him with Na In Woo. Due to the huge financial loss from the decision to re-shoot, some actors chose not to take their pays for the re-filming. The viewers’ responses to Na In Woo who made his first appearance in the 7th episode, are favorable.

Credit: iMBC

Scheduled to premiere on April 9th, SBS’s Taxi Driver also fell through due to the controversy of bullying within the group and school violence. With about 60% of the shoot completed, Taxi Driver faced a crisis as its cast April’s Lee Na Eun was involved in such controversy. In response to complaints from prospective viewers, the production company Studio S ended up making an official statement on the 8th saying, “we have decided to replace Lee Na Eun.” With Pyo Ye Jin taking the role which was to be played by Lee Na Eun, they are to re-shoot everything.

Credit: KBS

KBS’s Dear. M was scheduled to kick off on Feb 26th, but was promptly canceled as its lead actress Park Hye Soo was entangled in a conflict regarding the truth of her school violence. Park Hye Soo wrote on her Instagram on the 7th that she is a victim, not a perpetrator, of school violence as she stated that she would “find out the truth no matter how many months it takes.” Then the person who exposed her pointed out on their social media that this gave them “goosebumps,” and that she is putting on a “victim cosplay.” The feud between the two over who is right and wrong seems like it will intensify even further.

Credit: OCN

Attention was attracted to KBS’s Come Back Home as it is a new entertainment program for Yoo Jae Suk’s return to KBS, and his meeting with Jo Byung Gyu, who emerged through The Uncanny Counter. However, the public response worsened as the actor was entangled in allegations of school violence. While both Jo Byung Gyu and the victim were fighting for truth, a national petition was made titled ‘We oppose Jo Byung Gyu, the perpetrator of school violence, to appear in the entertainment program.’ After deliberation, the production team announced their decision to halt Jo Byung Gyu’s appearance. Come Back Home will be aired on April 3rd with Lee Young Ji and Lee Yong Jin alongside Yoo Jae Suk.


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  • When did this happen? He’s been in several series, why wasn’t this done before hand? Good actors, not saying what they did was ok, but why WAIT so long??
    Yes, he needs to pay and public apology!
    Terrible for both parties, I blame the school and police waiting so long!

  • They are now adults. We have all done something in our youth that we are not proud of. If this bothered the alleged victims why wait until they are rich to complain? Sounds like jealousy to me. Why ruin someone’s life now?

  • Yes bullying is wrong BUT none of these entertainment people are new or making their acting debuts! So where were the accusations earlier in their careers? Sometimes is just “ let’s jump on the bandwagon” and see how much damage our 15 minutes of “ fame” can cause🤨and this is me= speaking / coming from having been bullied as a kid until I stood up for myself and decided not to be a victim but not to point fingers also as that cannot change the past

  • Now the bullied becomes the bullies.
    It happened when they are immature and learning the so-called life. They re-directed their lives. The bullied unable to let go of their hurt, their broken ego. The bullied seek revenge. The difference is, those parties are grown-ups now. They have better things to do with their lives. I think with what they are doing is for secondary gains and not to fix their ego or pride. It is now jealousy of the accomplishment. It is now crab-mentality. Grow up and move forward. How did you go through your military training?

  • like we learned in the Bible, Jesus said those that have not not committed a sin be the first to pick up the stone… forgive and move on is a sign of a mature person. Be the better person.

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