Lee Seung Gi Is the “Predator”? Three Questions from ‘Mouse’

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tvN’s Mouse has been gaining viewers’ attention with its surprising plot that allows the fun of solving a mystery case. The drama tells the story of a polite rookie police officer and a ruthless detective, whose life goal is to revenge his parent’s death, facing an unexpected fate as they chase the vicious “Predator.”

Shortly after the premiere episode was aired, various topics such as finding the identity of the Predator and figuring out the various baits circulated on online communities, and we will look back at the hottest topics so far in episode 1 and 2.


Question 1: Jae Hoon (Kim Kang Hoon) and the Predator are the same person?

Credit: tvN

The question that viewers are most interested in is who is young Jae Hoon, and if he is the son of Han Seo Joon (Ahn Jae Wook) and Sung Ji Eun (Kim Jung Nan), and if he is the Predator. According to the flow of the plot, young Jae Hoon seems to have grown into the Predator, but this psychopath only reveals himself through his altered voice in the dark. By the end of episode 2, the narration “There is another child like me” is said through Jae Hoon’s voice and Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi) and Sung Yohan (Kwon Hwa Woon) appeared in one frame, suggesting that one of them may be the monster. Is the Predator really one of these two or a third new person?


Question 2: Who is the real killer behind the murder of Moo Jin’s family?

At the end of episode 1, Jae Hoon indifferently stared at his stepdad, who was bleeding from his chest, then slowly went upstairs, shocking the viewers. Later, the murder of Moo Jin’s family made headlines, and Jae Hoon was suspected as the prime suspect and was questioned by the police but was released in the case of insufficient evidence. Did Jae Hoon turn into a monster like he said and harmed the family? Or is he really innocent like the lie detector came up with? Then what was the fire incident? Attention focuses on the “truth” behind the mystery.


Question 3: Why did the victim of the grape farm murder case wear Na Chi Kook’s watch?

Just like the Headhunter did in the past, the current Predator also searched for victims as if they were hunting down prey, leaving behind innocent victims. In particular, the victim found at the grape farm shocked everyone as he wore items from a health trainer, an employee at an adult entertainment bar, and the homeless killed by the Predator like trophies around his body. He even had the watch that belonged to Jung Ba Reum’s friend Na Chi Kook, who suffered a mysterious attack at a lock-up, raising more questions. Unlike other victims, Na Chi Kook is still alive, and it has been revealed that the person who attacked Na wasn’t the Predator but a person from within the prison. How did the Predator put Na’s watch on the victim? And what message did he wanted to send through that watch?


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  • If you remember when they called the prison doctor he had a guest that was never shown.

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