Wheesung Put on Probation After Found Guilty for Habitual Use of Propofol

Singer Wheesung has avoided doing time as he was sentenced to be put on probation.

Credit: Yonhap News

On the afternoon of the 9th, the Daegu District Court held the first trial of Wheesung for his charges of violating the Drug Control Act. The court sentenced Wheesung to one year in prison and two years on probation.

In the trial in January, prosecutors sought three years in prison and Wheesung admitted most of the charges. Two individuals accused of selling propofol to Wheesung were previously sentenced to serve time.

The singer was questioned by prosecutors during his military service in 2013 on charges of habitually using propofol from 2011 through to early 2013. At the time, he denied and cleared of charges claiming that he was prescribed the drug by the doctor “in the process of receiving treatment for waist disc and hair loss.”

However, in 2019 he was indicted without detention last year on charges of purchasing and using propofol multiple times with his vocal trainer. He was found unconscious in the bathroom in March and April last year after taking an anesthetic agent, etomidate.

Credit: DongA.com

In response, Wheesung claimed that he had been having a hard time dealing with his father’s passing and the consecutive deaths of acquaintances. “On the day he was found collapsed in the public bathroom, Wheesung left his house and cut off contact with his family and was found in the bathroom,” they explained. Wheesung’s representatives added that Wheesung was hospitalized and is being treated in a psychiatric institution as he “showed symptoms of extreme thoughts, depression, and panic disorder” even after being tested negative for drugs. The mentioned singer is to continue his treatment with his family once the investigation is over.


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