‘Mountaineer’ From ‘King of Mask Singer’ Revealed to be Lee Man Ki!

The ‘Mountaineer’ from King of Mask Singer has turned out to be a former wrestler and current TV personality, Lee Man Ki.

Credit: MBC

In an episode of MBC’s King of Mask Singer which aired on the 7th, the ‘concert’ and ‘mountaineer’s club’ performed the first round with Kim Soo Hee’s “I’m Yours.” Participant ‘Concert’ won the first round and their opponent had to unmask. The ‘Mountaineer’ then revealed their identity while singing Nam Jin’s “Heartbreakingly.”

The figure behind the mask was none other than Lee Man Ki, a legend of the wrestling scene. He said, “I thought of coming here on King of Mask Singer after watching Jeon Won Joo’s episode,” while humbling himself.

He then added that he wished to be guessed as a trot singer. “Trot has so many hopeful elements to it. I always thought it would be good if I could be excited and happy with a song,” he explained.

The star also drew attention by announcing his debut as a singer. Lee Man Ki said that he wanted to empathize with people through singing. “I was rude enough to sing a song, and it will be released in March. The title is “I like my friend” (literal title).” The soon-to-be singer also sang a part of the new track on the spot.


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