DinDin and Cho Hyun Young Start Their Sloppy Yet Sweet Marriage Lives 

Rapper DinDin and Rainbow’s Cho Hyun Young resumed their virtual marriage. On the 5th, Cho Hyun Young posted a video titled ‘Dindin♥ Cho Hyun-young We Got Married Again EP. 1 [My Baby Is Pretty Today]’ on ChohyunyoungTV, a YouTube channel she runs.

In the video, DinDin was seen to be making Cho Hyun Young laugh by making cheesy comments, such as “You’re cute,” “You’re pretty,” and “Don’t be shy, silly.”

“We are starting again after three months,” he said, “People were asking whether what kind of ‘We Got Married’ episode this was, but this time we’ll be making it like a fake documentary so we look like an actual couple. There is no season 3.” Cho Hyun Young drew laughter by saying, “I actually didn’t think too much about it, but I’ll follow what he says.”

Credit: DinDin’s Instagram

As Cho Hyun Young later entered the newlywed house, she sighed and called DinDin to ask where he was. The rapper then told her that the concept is her cooking, while he arrives home.

In the end, the singer started cooking but scared people with her clumsy knifing skills. As she was sighing away at how sloppy her cooking skills were, DinDin arrived home, embracing Cho Hyun Young asking why she didn’t cook anything for him.

Then Cho Hyun Young found a way to prank DinDin while cooking. She pretended to be hurt from cutting her hand with the knife, and DinDin was surprised at this. When told that it was a hidden camera prank, he asked everyone if they were crazy.


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