Lee Sun Kyun and Ju Ji Hoon’s New Disaster Film Finished Filming

Credit: CJ ENM
Credit: CJ ENM

The new film Silence (working title), starring Lee Sun Kyun and Ju Ji Hoon, finished all the filming.

On March 4, CJ ENM announced that their new disaster film Sileve, which made headlines for Lee Sun Kyun and Ji Ji Hoon’s special meeting, officially has put an end to the filming after four months of hard work. Silence is a disaster film that tells the story of those stranded on the airport bridge that’s just before the collapse struggling to survive the unexpected threat.

Silence is directed by Familyhood director Kim Tae Gon and produced by Kim Yong Hwa, who garnered a total of 26 million moviegoers with his Along with the God series. The movie will showcase the overwhelming scale and fresh visuals through thrilling action sequences and high-quality visual effects based on the realistic setting of a familiar place turning into a disaster-caused uncontrollable scene at one moment.

Besides the two main actors, Kim Hee Won, Moon Seung Keun, Ye Soo Jung, Park Ju Hyun, Kim Tae Woo, and chid actor Kim Soo Ahn have included in the cast lineup.

Lee Sun Kyun, who turns into a man who faces a disaster situation as he is trapped on the bridge that’s about to collapse with his daughter, shared, “There were many difficulties (during the filming) such as heavy snow and the pandemic, but we were lucky to have finished filming without an accident. I would like to thank all our staff and fellow actors who stayed at the scene with one heart.”

Ju Ji Hoon, who played a wrecker driver who roams around the road to find work, expressed his joy, saying, “I thank the production team and all the actors for their hard work to complete the project smoothly. As a person who enjoys communicating with the audience, I have worked hard with one goal in mind, to greet our viewers once again. I hope the situation gets better so that we can meet in the theaters again.”

Silence will focus on post-production work from now on.


Source: CJ ENM

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