IU Unveils Second Objet Teaser for 5th Album ‘HILAC’

Credit: EDAM Entertainment

Singer IU has released the second objet teaser for her new full-length album. The artist’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, posted the teaser for HILAC on its official SNS accounts on the 2nd.

In the released teaser was seen the shadow of a flower shaking, as if it was waking IU up as she was asleep. The teaser reminded fans of a scene in a fairy tale, unlike the teaser for “BYLAC” which had a fierce aura to it. IU gave off a unique atmosphere with her eyes gently closed against a purple background, creating a dreamy vibe in general.

Within the teaser released this time around, there was a riff consisting of calm and clean tones of electric guitar with IU’s dreamy voice, captivating listeners at once.

Credit: EDAM Entertainment

Following the teasers, IU is to release her full-length album in four years since Palette in 2017.


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